Tuesday, May 26


I bought this '34 Tudor, sight unseen off of Craigslist for $250. The owner was only asking $125, but I didn't want him to sell it to anyone else and I had to send him a moneyorder.....so I doubled his money! Thanks to my friend Rob in Detroit for picking it up for me, been sitting in his garage for a while, I guess I need to get it out here.....

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Moldy Marvin said...

Hey my brother, caught yer message on myspace, now I'm following this thing..

Great Find, even a better deal at the $ 250.00, in fact a screemin' deal at that... Can't wait to see it done!

Miss yer face,

tha Moldy one

Oh yeah P.S. got sumpthin' else ya might be interested in.. Just another time waster.. but check it out anyways...