Thursday, April 22

Booby Trap

This is the latest bike project...The Booby Trap. I know the name has been used before, but I dont's a Buell Blast motor in an old sportster chopper frame, an old chrome '70 XL front end that I extended 10" and converted to big twin neck stem, vintage mustang style paughco tank that I took 4" out of the middle, paint is original from the 70's. Narrowed tall Z bars that have been sitting on my shelf for years, just a bunch of old junk and castoff parts from other builds and swap meet finds. I just got all the motor mounts finished, it's rigid mounted now, I should call it the Steely Dan, cause it's gonna vibrate like hell! switched it over to chain final drive too....hope to have it running in a few weeks.


Chopperdave said...

that paint job fuckin rips!

Anonymous said...

best seat EVER. Like tempurpedic style.

Dan Collins said...

haha, thanks, on both accounts, even though I didn't paint it, or make the seat....damn, I suck!