Thursday, May 20

Oakland 1970

from the '70 Oakland Roadster Show, or Grand National Roadster Show. More from Gordon's collection. I will be doing a full feature on Gordon's pics in an upcoming issue of Street Chopper magazine.


Irish Rich said...

Lorraine Campbell, who's 3 wheeler is shown in the top magazine page was a former girlfriend of Bob Dron back then.

Dron parlayed his custom bike shop called American Choppers into the old Oakland H-D dealership, and it's still there as Bob Dron H-D now.

Dron also used to be the head judge for the bikes at the Oakland Roadster Show, too.

Dan Collins said...

that trike looks neat. I like the solid forks on it. Always wondered how those handled in the real world. Hope your stayin busy up there at the shop.

manwithnoisland said...

Dron has built some sweet rides that I have seen draped on the car magazines