Tuesday, September 7

Open House pics-the people

heres the first batch of pics, more to come. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to all of the sponsors who kicked down swag for the giveaways, and builders who brought their bikes to display. The bands kicked ass, this was the best open house party so far, we had about 400 people and tons of cars and bikes in attendance. Also I couldn't have pulled this off without the help of my wife Tiffany, who put in alot of hours, my friend Gordon who helped get the shop in order and the '34 coupe to the point its at, and all of our friends who pitched in on the day of the event, you guys rock. I cant thank you enough.


Duane Ballard said...

Thanks for having us out Dan. We had a great time.

-E. Rollins said...

Damn, looks like a great time. I'll be there next year fo sho. It was great seeing you at the Ventura Nationals.