Tuesday, July 5

Virgin Killer for sale

This has been the best running and handling bike I've ever owned and I've had quite a few. It's a '93 which to me is better than a new one, it's still a carb, no EFI, it's got the trap door trans which means you dont have to split the cases etc. It's got about 15,000 miles on it, and runs better than new. I have done extensive mods to it, some are obvious, most arent. It has a dished gas tank with custom paint and real gold leaf, mooneyes gas cap, frisco mounted. Custom handlebar risers w/ drag bars, panhead levers with remote Buell Master Cylinder, Old Gold Garage Cobra King seat with hidden rear mount(only one like this) Old Gold Garage points cover, cut rear fender with 60's sportster struts and taillight, chopped sprocket cover, 21" front wheel with Avon Speedmaster, vintage oil pressure light in headlight eyebrow, Old Gold Garage domed CV carb cover, velocity stack, benchmark breathers, Jetted and tuned, custom exhaust by me(just ceramic coated since pics), sounds insane. relocated coil, choke, ignition switch. Shaved fork legs, with fork gators, lowering kit in front and short shocks in the back. New Kevlar clutch extra plate kit from Energy One. Gold Leaf by John Glaspie who used to paint Dragsters and Funny Cars in the 60's and 70's. starts up easy every time and has never left me stranded. split lanes...
It can be seen featured on HERE...and coming soon to Outlaw Biker Magazine

call the shop(805)644-1959
or email oldgoldgarage@att.net

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79rigid said...

Such an awesome bike.I dig the remote m/c setup.Does it work well?