Thursday, September 8

the Cheese Grater

just found this pic online. It's my old '31 coupe sometime after I sold it, in Japan. It looks basically the same except the headlights seem droopy, no hood top, and it has turn signals added. I sold it almost 14 years ago I think. Robert Williams used to call this "The Cheese Grater" because the entire roof was louvered. Thats a '50 Olds motor backed by a '53 B&M Stickman Hydro and Merc rear end. I loved this car, I only sold it so I could buy my '34 coupe...the word Ratrod had never been uttered when this car was lets clear something up. This car isn't and never was a ratrod. It's a hot rod. Period. Please stop using that bullshit term, it makes us all sound stupid...and it makes the user sound like a poser wannabe trying too hard to be a part of a scene that they think they rule...Oh, and I've tried to buy this car back several times from Japan, but the owner just won't part with it.


brian4bes said...

I remember that one. I was surprised when you sold it.

thebeaversdad said...

How bout a new term...Craprod? This describe pos cars/truck cabs with farm tractor grilles, truck wheels and all kinds of crap you found in a scrap yard or swapmeet bolted on. Oh and sculls lots of sculls.