Friday, April 6

Long Bikes are the new Bobber... I built a period correct one using leftover handlebars and fence posts and the wassel tank from Ed Roth's first panhead. I primered over that flake though, cause that shit's so '09. The motor is from Irish Rich's weed wacker. I scored it off a dude at the swap that said he traded some Angel Dust to Rich for it back in '68, and how he had the last laugh cause that shit was really just crushed up butterfly wings...I put a stroker crank in it though, cause stock sucks, and now I can run my Linkert on it...Funny thing is I talked to Irish Rich and he said that Angel Dust was the gnarliest shit ever... like dead hooker gnarly. I promised I would find him more if he signed the tank on my long bike before I put it on Tokyo craigslist.