Tuesday, October 30

what the fuck you talkin bout Willis?

I was recently accused of building "not another bobber?....ughh" by some trend humper, when he saw a picture of a shitty little honda that I cut the rear frame section off of. He would have prefered that I left the frame alone and built it into a sweet cafe bike that my mom would be proud of... I assured him that it wasn't a bobber, and that it would in fact be impossible to turn a honda into a "bobber". That led to all kinds of anarchy. I tried to educate him, but he was obviously more knowledgeable about motorcycles than I am, and so I retreated to my honda project with a lonely teardrop streaming down my cheek, and a lump in my throat. I got skooled bitches, cafe bikes are the new mini truck and bobbers are for square pegs. How dare I challenge progress, and build a bobber out of a CB360? Here's the problem... you cant build a bobber out of a honda, or a sportster, or a dyna, or a softail, or a yamaha, or a shovelhead... I know ignorance is in the majority, but that doesn't make it truth. So I will attempt to edumacate anyone who gives a shit... Bobbers are early "Cut Down" motorcycles from prewar(WW2) to mid 50's, and dare I say, of American decent, with fenders cut or removed, and many other parts removed to reduce weight. End of story. Nothing wrong with applying the same reasoning to a modern bike of any make, and it may be a custom Honda, or a modified sportster, but it wont be a "Bobber, or Bob Job, or Cut Down". Here are a few....
Harley JD


Harley Panhead


Harley VL

Harley Panhead (California style bobber)

Harley Knucklehead

Indian Chief (stroked)

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