Saturday, May 11

Running with the Buells

I have always been a sportster geek, and I've stripped a couple Buells for the drivetrains. Last time I did that I felt kinda crappy. It was a tube framed cyclone. Not the most bitchin buell but still maybe I will be kicking myself for that someday. So I have been half assed keeping my eyes open for a tube framed Buell ever since and the other day an ad for an X1 lightning comes up. And at a fair price. Damn... So I grabbed it. It needed fork seals and a new muffler. It also never had the rear shock recall performed but luckily the cyclone I stripped did and so I have the correct replacement for it. To me it's the most pure evolution of what a sportster should be. I just hope I can get used to the handling and brakes. It may be too good for me.

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