Tuesday, August 11

Dean Jeffries

Dean's shop was minutes from the house I grew up in and I used to pass it almost everyday on my bus home from school. I would always try to see what he was up to and check out all the movie cars and stuff he was building. This car, the Mantaray is one of my all time favorite cars, and it's even more impressive in person. It came up the other day in conversation, so I thought I'd put the cover shot on here.


Ha-milton said...

Hey Dan, I just found some photo proofs of a shoot my pops did on John Zupans '57 F100 that had Jefferies lime-gold flake & scallops. First time seen in color. Check it out:

Irish Rich said...

I saw the Mantaray at the shows when I was in jr. high, and I've seen it in the Peterson Automotive Museum many times.

What's cool about the Peterson, is it's displayed really well, and you can get pretty close to see the details.

The history boards on its construction, show history, and film credits displayed with it tell a pretty good story.

It's still a georgeous vehicle, and still has a beautiful white pearl paintjob.

Dan Collins said...

thats rad, I dont think Dean got the credit he deserved over the years. Not like some other guys did, some of which even took credit for Deans work.