Thursday, August 6

the Westerguard roadster

this car has gone pretty much un-noticed in the world of hotrodding when compared to some of the other milestone cars. Westerguard was famous for his clean and tasteful customs more than anything else, everyone pictures a carson topped '36 with a LaSalle grille when his name comes up. I love this car, it's bitchin. It has custom touches on a hotrod, which is very rare for the year that it was built, 1946. The '31 roadster was built for Norm Milne, a friend of Harry's and local Sacramento hotrodder. It sports a Hall-Scott balanced Merc flatty, with modified Denver heads, and a ported and relieved block. What surprised me the most about this car was the lack of chrome and door handles, it was much more slippery looking than other cars of that era, and the home made windshield that was easily removed for racing, just fits like a glove. It flowed into a custom made cockpit with a '36 plymouth dash and guages, and a '40 deluxe steering column with a column shifter. This car is supposed to be in mid-restoration, but I havent heard anything about it for a few years. Hopefully it will surface soon...

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