Saturday, October 31

Buell in a box

so i just picked up an '03 buell XB9 motor for a project I have been wanting to build for a while. I have a single downloop Freddy Hernandez frame and Freddy Hernandez springer, set up for an evo sporty drivetrain. Been collecting parts for a while and just needed to find the right donor for the power. I originally wanted a Sportster based Buell motor so it would be an easy bolt in thing. But The more I thought about the factory dropping Buell, the more I wanted to build it around a Buell based powerplant. I guess it's my little way of saying "Fuck You" to the Mothership. So this XB9 motor keeps popping up on Craigslist from NorCal with paperwork, frame, wiring harness(clean title), but I want a 1200, the price drops a little and then the ad disappears and I'm kicking myself for not calling. Then the ad shows up again, and yesterday I call and the guy asks for a small deposit and drives all the way down with it today for a small fee, numbers matching, ready to go. now all I need to do is make new motor mounts, and figure out if I wanna deal with Fuel Injection or bolt a carb on it. I'll post pics as soon as I start tearing into it. Buell is dead, Long live Buell.

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