Monday, July 26

The Blue Star Diner & Tatra Party

saw my friend Johnny Green at the LB MC swap yesterday and he tells me that our friend Paul Greenstein just had his '41 Tatra voted best collector car in america by the NY times, and he's having a party to celebrate. I remember Paul dragging the Tatra to the Blessing of the Cars about 10 years ago, before he had even started restoring it. It's a Czechoslovakian car, with an air cooled V8 in the back. and has a third headlight and a huge fin.....somehow it all works and it's pretty cool to see in person. There were a couple other Tatras there, as well as free Czech food and beer, and a Tatra shaped cake. This all went down at a little Diner in downtown LA called the Blue Star, where Paul is the short order cook one day a week, most of the time he can be found working on his Indian collection which includes a '37 Sport Scout, and a 1910 Single.


Irish Rich said...

Trevelin and I used to walk down there and eat at the Blue Star when I'd come see him at his shop. It was just a couple blocks away.

Also, that chase scene from "To Live And Die In L.A." goes down Santa Fe, and down 15th, right past the metal scrap yard, and the Blue Star.

Great food, and Trev even has an omlet named after him on the menu.

Dan Collins said...

I kinda dig that neighborhood, I think I'm gonna head down there on a sat morning for breakfast one of these days. I don't know if I could eat a Trev omelet though!