Saturday, July 31


Do you ever have one of those days?

I do. I was on the Virgin Killer on my way down to Long Beach to have lunch with Nelson and crew at Santa Fe Importers. Less than a mile from my shop a rock or something gets sucked in my velocity stack and pegs the throttle open. Shut it down call my friend Gordon at the shop and we load it up and take it back to the shop. Pull the carb clean it. Back on the road. I make it about 20 miles and my front brake jam nut backed off and my brakes come on hard and I barely make it to the side of the road before the wheel locks up. Look around and I'm at the exit where my friends Allen and Jake Decker live. You might know Jakes brother or Allens son Jeff. Not being able to even push my bike off the freeway I call Jake hoping he'll be at the house. He is. He swoops by with his stakebed and we head over the their compound. Jeff is in town and they're workin on a 1914 Harley that Jeffs supposed to ride cross country in a few weeks for pre 1916 MC cannonball. We bullshit for a few minutes, pull my caliper and I head back to Ventura with a warped rotor and no lunch. Coulda been worse though. Good thing for friends.


Chopperdave said...


nofiron said...

Nearly the story of my shovelhead life!!

Jeff Decker said...

Dan, It was good to see you.

The smartest thing you did that day was park that bike & get in your truck!

See you later, J