Wednesday, December 29

Victory Relaunch party!

I'm back, and I got a shit ton of stuff on my plate...I'm finishing a '34 coupe for the Grand National Roadster Show and getting ready to relaunch the tattoo shop along with all of the usual stuff like making parts, seats, tattooing, and trying to make a dent in my other customers cars and bikes. Hope a bunch of you will be able to make it down to the party on Feb 5th. It's sure to be a good time as usual, and we will be having an after party as well, but you gotta show to the relaunch to find out when and where...of course DicE is sponsoring it, they'll sponsor anything! free junk, and booze, priority parking for choppers....lots of restaurants downstairs to eat at too....

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Livingston Montreux said...

Hope to make it down! Sounds like a blast. Happy New Year!