Wednesday, March 3

1941 Buick Century for sale

this is my wifes car, it's time to go to someone new so she can finish her T-bird and her has new brakes, rebuilt carbs(dual Stromberg Aerotypes)new battery w/ 12 volt alternator conversion, and rebuilt radiator. It needs the gas tank boiled out, new fuel and water pumps, and go through the wiring, the interior is complete but needs to be reupholstered. The body is super solid California steel, and we have lots of extra parts(bumpers, radios etc.) It's currently registered as non op in her name, no back fee's due. email me for the price and any other info you need. Thanks

BTW this is the highly sought after Century Sedanette, or 2 door fastback. These are rare and would do 100MPH off the showroom floor in 1941...

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