Tuesday, March 9

Orange Crate

Grant had just picked up this 72 ironhead chopper in the valley. I remember seeing it on craigslist. Well, he ended up scoring a cool hardtailed sporty frame that had a k model in it, and decided to off the old 70's swingin hugger orange roller. I called him and went to check it out and ended up loading it in the back of my pickup and taking it home. I unloaded it into our walkway and surprised my wife with it, we were gonna start doin stuff to her little Buell, but I thought this would be a lot more fun. Seeing as we're always on a tight budget, were gonna rock the little buell motor in it, but it would be easy enough to switch it out later if she wants...the bike looks huge in the pics, but it's really not. She's just tiny....

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