Monday, August 31

sunday, breakfast burritos at Cantwell's

rode up the coast yesterday with my friend Dave, headed for Cantwell's market in Santa Barbara for the best breakfast burritos around, ordered them with italian sausage and avacado...then we headed up to my dad's place, but he wasn't there. His house burned down last year in the Tea fire and they're living in a vintage trailer up on the property for now. The pic of the bikes is where the living room used to be....

Saturday, August 29


Primer Nationals, next weekend

fucking get there! and don't forget about my open house partay and beebeeque afterwards on the food, drinks, and music, giveaways etc. and theres a DicE shindig on the Sat night at San Souci also....see yous marmalouks

Friday, August 28

interior sketch for the Sling

rough sketch before the Singapore Sling went to Downtown Willy for upholstery....

'58 Panhead

found some pics of my old pan, I want it back....

eye heart you...

Thursday, August 27

chopper dude

I designed these patches quite a few years ago, just found some more of em, if you want em you can go to and buy em online....

more roadster pics...


not sure what the hell this is, anyone else out there have a clue?

Wednesday, August 26

Hammersmith Leather

My wife does hand tooled and hand stitched leather work. Wallets, belts, motorcycle seats, tool bags, all that's made to order, if you wanna order something email her at her myspace page:

heres a seat she just did for a bike thats in the current issue of The Horse
and my tool bag on the Bearded Hag

Tuesday, August 25

Camarillo Air Show

On Sunday Tiffany and I went down to the Camarillo air show. We took the Singapore Sling, they let old cars park on the Tarmack if you get there before the planes start flying. Here are a few pics....

RIP Lance Fielding

Saturday, August 22

hash pipes


if you send a self addressed stamped envelope to the shop we will send you a free sticker....get on it!
Old Gold Garage Co.
1622 Walter St #K
Ventura Ca.

Friday, August 21

Young Ones

I have a hole in my shoe and it's letting in water.....

Psychobilly Sean

Sean just started at the shop as the new cabin boy....sweet minibike huh?

Wednesday, August 19

new DiCE t's

ok, I just did a series of 4 designs for DiCE magazine, the first 2 have just been released! Go to their website and buy em....

DiCE website!

Captain Jeffrey and the Musical Chumbuckets

these guys are awesome and will be playing at my open house on Sunday Sept 6th.....come down and check em out and have a burger on me....not a burger ON me, but like, you dont have to pay fer it....ya know....


...that I dun

Monday, August 17

Death or Glory

new T-shirts available....S-XXL and girls sizes being printed right now. $20 each, Email me for details, or pick yours up at the Primer Nationals at my booth.