Wednesday, August 31

Geometry 101

I've finished the fabrication on the Friedrich Coupe. Now it goes back to the owner for a new motor and trans and shakedown. Then back here for teardown and paint etc. This has to be one of the meanest stances on a 32 coupe.


my friends Matt & Dean are opening up a shop with a few other swell dudes in Hollyweird...
opening party this Saturday, free beer if you wear socks with your sandals...

Tuesday, August 30

skinning a goat...

...or: The MoCo's love for vinyl blasphemy is mother natures welcome mat at the back door of the precious metal church. She's gonna fuck you in the steeple.

Monday, August 29

Mooneyes HRCS 2011

super stoked to be going back to Japan this year for the big show. This year is also cool because I'm building a bike for the show, and also it's the 20 year anniversary. If you've never been, this is the year to do it. Go show your support. Shige and the entire crew there put on an amazing show, and do alot for this crazy world we all live...

Sunday, August 28

23 inches of freedom

Just got my 2.75x23" speedway tire for the front of the Scarab. Had to have it shipped from Europe. Skinny

Thursday, August 25

Pan man

The seat pan for The Scarab is off to upholstery while the other tins get prepped for paint. Tick Tock said the clock

Flake & Flames

There's an article about the Flake & Flames documentary featuring Old Gold and the Singapore sling in the new issue of Timeless Magazine(Germany) as well as a feature on the modified roadster in Motor Maniacs magazine. If you haven't already go check out the site HERE for the film and help support it so they can finish filming.

Tuesday, August 23

The Rigby Coupe

I've been making some good progress on the '40 Ford. This has been an ongoing project for a couple years now. Hoping to debut it at the Grand National Roadster Show.

Thursday, August 18

61 chevy panel truck for sale-SOLD

Runs on LPG (propane). Runs and drives great with stock 235 motor and 3 speed on the floor. Wide whites, great brakes, clutch etc. Easy to drive. Perfect for promoting your business as a tax writeoff. 28 gallon tank plus an extra 10 gallon reserve tank for long hauls. Fill it up at any uhaul or propane supply. Pretty basic interior(I have the door panels), it has a cracked windshield and needs minor bodywork before paint. Call the shop(805)644-1959 for more info or email


Monday, August 15


1976 Yamaha XT500-The Scarab
This project started a few weeks ago. I heard about the Dirtbag Challenge,and my employee said he would stay after work and help me work on a bike for the buildoff. You have one month and a budget of $1,000(including the bike.) I was sitting on a pile of parts that was an XT500 that my friend Brian gave me, but I had no idea if it would run etc. Well my employee found one excuse after another not to stay late and ended up only putting in a couple hours on the bike, so it turned into me putting in stupid hours to try and get it done...And I still didn't get it to the show, cause I was operating on a couple hours sleep and I pretty much just suck...but the bike turned out cool, it's about to be blown apart for paint and polish etc, and then shipped off to Yokohama for the Mooneyes show, which is awesome especially since I've never built a Japanese bike before.

Movie of the Week-Dead Snow

Norwegian Zombie Nazi horror....Dod Sno

Friday, August 12

Bong Kong Fooey

Bill over at Biltwell sent me some of their new Kung Fu grips for The Scarab. What's The Scarab?you're just gonna have to wait and see...

Saturday, August 6


Some leather work by my wife, in progress. See more at

Wednesday, August 3

rigids are gay...

sometimes you gotta be flexible...
I had one of these when I was a kid. My dog chewed it up and the green goo inside ruined the carpet. My mom was pissed

Nice Dreams

met some old biker dude at CHP yesterday. He tells me he owns 300 something vehicles and rents them to movies etc. He rented the good humor truck from Cheech & Chongs Nice Dreams....He said the studio kept the head...