Thursday, February 28

Where's Le Beef? Part two...

Two weeks ago a big rig unloaded a '60 panhead and a few days later Le Beef touched down at LAX and began his thrash to get all the fab work done on his Born Free build. In 10 total days he pulled off a shit ton of work. Lots of late nights and he hardly got to see the light of day before he went back home to Sweden. He will return in June before the show to do final assembly and in the mean time parts will be sent out for paint and chrome. Keep your eyes peeled, and give him some love when you see him at the show in June. Pulling off a build like this ain't a walk in the park...

Saturday, February 23

Tripping out

So I usually go to Germany every year for a big car and bike show called Bottrop. This year the venue has changed and its called Kustom Kulture Forever. So I had already booked my flight and then Dean from DicE said I'm shipping my panhead over for the summer you should too. And then I was like yeah, but I'm broke and I already have my ticket, and then he was like yeah but it won't cost too much since we're gonna split the cost of shipping and we will have places to stay, and then I was like yeah but that's a lot of time from work, and then he was like yeah but life is short, and then I was like OK, I'm in. So we will be at the Castle Run in Denmark, the Kustom Kulture Forever show in Germany, and the last ever Jokers show in Sweden. I decided to ship the Bad Habit sportster instead of my Knuck because my plan is to leave the bike there and sell it after the trip in June. If anyone is interested in the bike, send me an email to , it will be shipped and import duties paid etc. Life is short, see you soon Europa...

Monday, February 18

No regrets

I lost my grandpa a couple days ago. He was 98 years old, and I know he lived a full and very interesting life, of which I got to spend the last 38 years. Selfishly I wish that I could have him here for another 38, he was my best friend, but I know it was his time, and the last couple years weren't easy. If you still have your grandparents make sure you let them know how important they are. They won't be around forever.

Thursday, February 14

Daisy dukes

My friend Davey asked me to do some engraving on his BCM air cleaner for the shovel he's building. I'm not a pro and I have only engraved a few small things so far, but he didn't care so I agreed. Came out ok considering the tools I had to use.

Monday, February 11

Where's Le Beef?

My friend Le Beef or Beefster, or Beefy, or Mattias if you really wanna go nuts is coming here from Sweden in just a few days to build his Born Free 5 panhead at my shop. Hopefully the bike will arrive from the east coast soon cause he only has a short time to do all of the building and fab work before he returns to Sweden. Talk about dedication. Please follow this guys work and show him some love when he's out here in June for the show. He's the really pale white dude with the sweet beard...

Friday, February 8

the Sideshow in Germany

Busy week

Bending metal...

Another tank finished, this one for my friend Ritchie's shovel. Relocated the filler and added some style...

Monday, February 4

Daytona Helmets

We have a few small and extra large helmets in stock but hurry they are movin' fast.

The Formula

Is murder

Castle Run

Coming this summer. Wish I could be there. If you can make it, go.

Friday, February 1

From paper to lazerbeams

Made a new gas tank for the panhead project. Tried to take pics through the process. Started with posterboard to get the basic form.

El Cameeeno

Got some new shoes for the Elco. That with a set if dropped spindles and springs and disc brakes and its starting to be a driver....