Monday, May 20


Touched down in London on Friday. Picked up the bikes Saturday and rode all over the city, hung out at the Black Skulls garage, then there was a little get together in Chelsea. Visited the house my mom was born in and my grandparents lived in until they moved to the states. Leaving Tuesday for Copenhagen Denmark. So far so good.

Wednesday, May 15

New mesh caps

Got some limited edition caps done just in time for the European tour. When I get back I'll add them to the webstore too

Monday, May 13

Kustom Kulture Forever show

This used to be the Bottrop Kustom Kulture show but has moved to an even better location nearby in Germany. I will be heading there after the Castle Run and I'll have a bunch of merch and stuff to sell so come and say hi and buy a t shirt or something to support the long trip we are making. Really stoked to see all my friends there this year. Also Cole Foster from Salinas Boys and Nick from ATR and Jeff Wright from Church of Choppers will be there for the first time.

The Castle Run

I'm stoked that I get to be a part of this. Sounds like a killer party. If you can get there, be there.

Sunday, May 12

El Diablo Run '13

It's coming up soon. Old Gold Garage is proud to be one of the sponsors this year. Pack your shit and go for a ride. It's fun. There will be a bunch of free Old Gold shit bein' tossed around too. Just make sure that hot chick you go home with doesn't have a dick. Unless you're into that...