Sunday, July 29

For the ladies...

American Apparel boy beaters for the ladies at Old Gold Garage
made and printed in the USA!
buy one!!!

Monday, July 23

YOU can help! Fight the pussification of the USA!

stop drinking soy milk and go build something with your hands...

PS: drinking from plastic bottles will give you boobs and make you cry during commercials

Ass shot...

of the Singapore Sling from Rod & Custom Magazine...

Friday, July 20


this pic HERE...
of my knucklehead


The Velvet Hammer in bare metal and me with a broken ankle, pic by the Swedish Sherrif. 

Thursday, July 19

Lime Gold

the view from above, my old '58 Panhead...

1962 Newport

for sale or possible trade, what you got? trade value must be around $12,000 or trade plus cash...


another shot of Holly at Old Gold in the new issue of Deadbeat Mag (Australia)

Monday, July 16

Assasin's Refuge

The Assasin has a new home....

Saturday, July 14

Booby Trap takes a Schmidt

stole this pic from Chico Moto blog. Michael Schmidt riding the one lunger in between shooting for the DicE spread...

Thursday, July 12

Friday, July 6

CV carb covers...

...are coming back soon you muther truckers. I have a batch being polished right now. These are all hand made, hand finished here in So-Cal. Not mass produced, so they are only available in small quantities. Here is a brushed finish one on Aaron Elliot's born free buildoff bike. Thanks for the support Aaron. Ignition covers are on the way too.

Spitfire Moto

I just got a package from Paul over at Spitfire. A couple pairs of their spring loaded struts to try out. Super nice quality. Looking forward to getting these on some bikes to skinny up the ass end.

Check them out at

Thursday, July 5

Speed Merchant is here

We are proud to announce that we are a dealer for Speed Merchant parts now. Go HERE to check it out. We are starting with just parts for Harleys, but we may add the Triumph parts in the future. These parts are made right here in Southern California, and  the quality cant be beat. Support these guys.


Lutz over in Germany is putting this on in Sept.

Tuesday, July 3

Pagan Pink

Ripple, nectar of the gods...

Ghetto Thunderbird

We made some custom turn signals for Brian Forbes Dyna. Beveled glass lenses set into the shock covers.

Monday, July 2

Sex and Orange Juice

class act...Red Foxx

it's a big bad world...

Swingin Shovel

found this pic of my old shovel the day I sold it to Reino from The Great Frog London. I think it stayed over here for him to ride when he visits.

Sunday, July 1

This Machine...

Kills Fascists...

Woody Guthrie, not Anti Flag...or at least forty years before Anti Flag...

Micky Mouse is an asshole

my mom grew up in London during the Blitzkrieg bombings of WW2. when the air raid sirens would go off the families would hurry into little bunkers and wear gas masks. My mom told me that her gas mask had Mickey Mouse ears. It was supposed to make the whole thing less scary. Sounds creepy as fuck to me. I just found these pics online....