Monday, November 30

don't forget to put the fucking oil in......

Rich's bike is almost done, just waiting for the tins from Nick O' Teen and the seat from my wife.....both are close, except Nick dropped the fender and has to re-do it.....oh yeah, and wiring, shit.....haha


Stewart Warner green line 8,000 RPM tachs

Lincoln V12 Duocoil distributor converted for use on a 59AB flathead V8 by Harmon & Collins

Saturday, November 28

Tanks fer nuttin'

Made this Sportster tank for my wife's triumph, but I think I might need to steal it for something!

Friday, November 27

Thursday, November 26

one more week

till I leave for Yokohama for the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom Show '09....along with Cole Foster, Kutty Noteboom, Gabe Griffin, Harpoon, Tom Foster, Mark Drews, and Keith Weesner, probably a few other stragglers too...Looking forward to getting some more work on my sleeve by Hiro at Cottonpickin Tattoo in Akita also....

pic from '07 photo courtesy of Classic Truck magazine

Wednesday, November 25

Thanks to you kind sir....

submitted by Chris Schelten Jr., thanks Chris

Tuesday, November 24


just picked the '34 up from paint, time to start putting it all back together...

Monday, November 23

Sat night fever

went to the 2 wheel terror party at the Cretins clubhouse on Saturday, I'll post a few more pics later....

Saturday, November 21

Friday, November 20

lets rebuild our infrastructure....

by paying our fucking tickets....

Thursday, November 19

Indio and the Bombay Beach....

Aint got no waves on the Salton Sea
I'm livin on a fault line
David Hasselhoff's a freind o' mine...


'34 5 window

'32 3 window

Monday, November 16

Salton Sea run AKA Slab City Riot

we rolled out early Saturday morning from Camarillo, headed for Culver City to meet up with a few people and then head for the Salton Sea and Slab City. I got a ticket about 15 minutes into the ride, but the rest was smooth sailing and pretty good riding. We stopped at the Salton Sea park to check out the view and trip out on the dead fish, it was actually much nicer than I expected it to be. Next stop was Bombay Beach, where I spied a bar called the Ski Inn. We stopped for Bloody Mary's and Fish Assholes, and then hit the road to Slab City, about a half hour south. The crew from Biltwell greeted us with free beer, we set up camp, ate some mystery meat burgers served by a toothless transvestite, and watched the bands. Cops hassled some dudes, including Jack for riding Sean's Taco minbike without a helmet or lights(daylight) and going too fast in a campground...but they let him go with a warning. Headed back to camp for more beer and Lil' Smokies by the fire, watched fireworks and met some of our neighbors. Slept great for an hour until the wind kicked up so hard I thought the tent was gonna blow away. A couple of our guys ended up injured doing stupid human tricks and had to head home in the truck.We stopped at Salvation Mountain for a few minutes and then it was a long ride favorite picture is of our friend Kimara double fisting fish assholes at the Ski Inn.