Wednesday, May 30

Ladies Love Cobra Kings

Just for the girls, American Apparel tanks are coming soon to the webstore

Speed Merchant

Is coming soon to the webstore!

Saturday, May 26

black white orange

a couple pics of my latest sportster. just a few things to button up before it hits the road....

Wednesday, May 23

Sabbra Cadabra

fuckin A right...survivor panhead....'57 in a '48 frame. AEE raked narrow 41mm trees, 21" Invader with mini drum, smooth primary, American flag on the packer bar, what more could you want?

Thursday, May 17

more helmets!

we got another batch, only got a few mediums and larges this time, so act fast...we have everything from small to XXL size in stock....

Wednesday, May 16

the curse of the white possum

I'm starting to get a fire lit under my ass about getting Limelight back on the road. I seriously don't know how I'll find the time, but I'm hoping it'll work itself out. I have a few commitments to take care of and then I think it's time to dust the '38 off, rebuild the carbs(all six) and go through the brakes since it's been sitting so long.

Friday, May 11

blast tracker

I think this is Japanese. Pretty cool, 600cc blast....