Thursday, September 30


pre 1916 Cannonball finish line party

I was stoked to be able to watch the culmination of this historic race, having two friends who had just completed the journey. We rode down PCH from Camarillo to Santa Monica just in time to catch the first rider cross the finish line with the rest not far behind. It was impressive to see all of the bikes together in one place, but when you remember that they have all just made the trek across America.... most with only one speed, no front brakes, and some without any clutch, that is mind blowing. My favorite bike was the little JAP single, it was built in 1907, and had a German girl riding. It had no clutch and only one speed and no suspension, and everytime she had to stop, she had to kill the engine, and then bumpstart it again to get going. INSANE....

Wednesday, September 29

Non-Hippie Bus

cool split window bus next door to my shop...

Monday, September 27

Strombergs and Vampira prints are now up on the webstore...random huh?

yeah I know, but I like random, so go buy three chrome strombergs and a Vampira poster so I can hire someone to help me around here!


I have been a total slacker. Well only as far as posting on here. It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me at the shops. And flat tires, dead batteries and broken down bikes on top of that. I have a shitload of pics to post when I get time. Peace out my little homies.

Friday, September 24



Tuesday, September 21

Limited prints for sale

I just found an unopened stack of these prints from around '98. It's from a painting I did called "Nightmare Mistress". The painting sold to an art currator, but before it did I used it for a collaboration with Harpoon who hand pulled each one of these hand silkscreened posters. Only a hundred were made and I moved shortly afterwords and I guess I put 50 of them in storage. They're in mint condition and each one will be hand signed and numbered. Look for them on the webstore later this week.


Little Tokyo. Downtown LA

Sunday, September 19

Wednesday, September 15

Party pics from Anna Marco

All of these pics were taken by Anna Marco, thanks for sending them our way, nice stuff....