Saturday, April 30

El Canto Del Diablo

this time next week I should be drinking blood and pissing tequila...

Thursday, April 28

Wednesday, April 27

1st Muroc Reunion

someone just posted this pic on my facebook page. my old '22 T roadster, Magically delicious....

Tuesday, April 26

Machete making 101

Part 1
Buy a piece of high grade stainless. Draw your design on it with a purple crayola and cut it out with scissors. Try not to eat the crayola until after you finish the project.

Monday, April 25

killing me softly

before and after pic of my's not done, I don't know if it will ever be done. but it's done enough for now. The paint is shitty and some of the chrome needs to be re-done, but I just want to ride it. I also didn't have much money or as much time as I'd like to put into it, so I'm sure it will evolve as I put some miles on it...

from the vault...

taken at Slab City a couple years ago...

Saturday, April 23

the way back machine

some of my covers from over the last ten years...

NEW! Limited Edition mesh caps...

got a new limited color, Black and White with Hugger Orange logo. Theyre on sale for another week. Go buy one! HERE

Friday, April 22

Ankle Biter aka Viva Las Vicodin

the knuckle made it to the Hippy Killer show, but not before it kicked back on me and fractured my ankle. The crappy aftermarket distributor(circuit breaker) that the PO installed has been trashed in favor of a factory part, and the SU carb is soon to follow in favor of a Linkert. Hopefully I can kick it back soon...Hippy Killer Hoedown was fun though, I stole this pic from Calebs blog(nice Pan Caleb)since I was too tired to take pics. Thanks Kutty and Lisa!

Movie of the week-Mondo Cane

ok, this one may just be movie of the decade. if you havent seen it, drop everyhing and go BUY it!I havent seen this movie for a couple years, I guess it's about time to drop acid and make jalapeno popcorn. Enjoy...

Wednesday, April 20

Speed and Glory

Steve Glennon who works with Irish Rich in Denver is building a new bike and wanted one of my gas caps for his custom tank. I only had the prototype, but I had another one made and sent him the first one. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Check his blog out at

six degrees of separation

I found a dead gopher in our Hot Tub this morning. Which means only one thing. Bill Murray has been breaking into our house while we're at work. Bill Murray was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. That makes the Gopher in our hot tub only two degrees from Kevin guess that makes me three degrees from Kevin Bacon, and I have a dog named Bacon, and I already know how much you freaks like bacon. And did I mention that Denny's has a bacon maple sundae right now? Blogging has been getting the boot since I've been slammed at the shop lately and trying to make fine goods for you guys, so this is as good as it gets for now....dont complain, you could be watching two and a half men...

Friday, April 8

Thanks Gilby

Gilby's on the cover of the new Cycle Source with his resurected Pan, wearin one of my shirts....thanks mang...

Wednesday, April 6

Booby Trap vs Mustang

my wife did a photoshoot with The Boobytrap yesterday. This is just an outtake from her cell phone...awesome

Sunday, April 3

Thanks Shige!

Shige from Mooneyes has been working hard for years to keep the Mooneyes brand relevant and making sure it's here for years to come. He also organizes one of the best custom car and bike shows in the world. I always look forward to the HRCS in Yokohama and these neat little packages they send me afterwords.

Mooneyes HRCS DVD and the new Moon Cycle supply catalogue