Tuesday, August 31

Blue Collar Moto

Chris over at Blue Collar Moto took a break from postiing boobies in the internet to ride up and bring me some shirts for the party, Thanks Chris, next time I'll take you up on the beer.
Blue Collar Moto

Kim Boyle's FINGERTIGHT panhead

Kim from Benchmark is bringing his new Pan up for the builders showcase. Neat bike. Lots of trick details and thinking outside the box.

Monday, August 30

Open House Party Sponsor-VANS

huge thanks to VANS, who sent a huge shit ton of goodies to give away at the show, wallets, caps, stickers, T's and supposedly theres even more on the way. They are really into bikes, and I guess a few of them are riding up for the open house. Cheers...

Eternal Combustion

check out this groovy swag from Eternal Combustion. Not only that but Craze is also gonna giveaway one of the Trooper Helmets at the show too, but it will be in the form of a gift certificate so the winner will get the size and color of their choice. Thanks man!
check out their site:

this SUNDAY!

plus a builders showcase with bikes by Cole Foster, Kutty Noteboom, Kim Boyle, Kirk Taylor, Duane Ballard and Chris Richardson, giveaways from Vans, and tons of other sponsors, including helmets from Eternal Combustion and Biltwell, motorcycle parts, clothing and more. You probably shouldn't come, it might be too much for you to handle....

Wednesday, August 25

Builders Showcase-Cole Foster

we are having a Builders Showcase at the party featuring a handful of todays best builders. Cole Foster will be bringing the Special K bike down. We will also have bikes by Kim Boyle, Chris Richardson, Kutty Noteboom, and Kirk Taylor.

Tuesday, August 24

Strombergs and a big W

I have finally become a dealer for the new Stromberg carburetors and parts. Here are the first 3 on the 348 W motor in the Khouri Coupe. I cant believe how nice these things are. Matched with an old stock Winfield cam and some other speed goodies this should be a super fun car when it's done. Hoping to have it running some time this week. Keep your eyes peeled for this one, it's the culmination of 2 years work. I'll have Carbs and parts for sale on the webstore within the next couple of weeks.


if you live in LA and havent been to one of the three locations of Versailles, you're missing out big time. I used to go to the original location in Culver City as a kid, but I usually grab it to go at the Encino location these days. Awesome Cuban food with huge portions, the west LA locations usually have a long line out the door to get in, even on the odd rainy night. I usually get their special half chicken in garlic sauce with onions, plantains, black beans and rice. About $10 and it will usually keep me fed for two days. be prepared for your breath to offend.

Monday, August 23

Crosley Jalopy-1962

my Dad emailed this to me, he tells me it's a picture of a Crosley jalopy with his friend Brian, taken in Indio 1962. I guess they used to tool around the ranch on it. some serious farmyard engineering there...

Saturday, August 21

Mr Badwrench-Up Jumped the Devil

I dont really get into talking about my band days, but I sang in a band called Mr Badwrench for almost 8 years solid. Those were some pretty crazy days, and I have some great memories from the shows, and my band mates have become lifelong friends. In '99 we released "Up Jumped the Devil" and had international distribution, and sold out the first pressing. For one reason or another the CD never got re-pressed. I started tattooing full time, Chopper joined the Cramps, and we just kinda stopped playing. A year or two ago we were supposed to re-release the CD through a small label and played three reunion shows to support the CD. There were some issues that never got resolved with the label and again the CD never got re-released. Chopper finally took it upon himself with his label Ratchetblade to make it happen and now you can get your hands on our long lost CD again. I've seen copies of the first pressing selling on Amazon for $75...insane, anyways, they're only $11, go buy one and support the cause. And to all of our long lost friends and fans, thanks for the support over the years.

Mr Badwrench-Up Jumped the Devil

Friday, August 20

The Phantom Pomps...

...will be playing the open house party, super fun two piece, if you havent seen em before, come check em out, and go to myspace.com/phantompomps to find out more...

Wednesday, August 18

Hotrod Havoc shiznit

Marky and Arie from HH and 2 wheel terrorists, sent me some cool schwag for the party, I have one of their beer cozies and I'm pretty sure it's made out of human skin. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, August 17

more pics from last weekend...

Open House Sponsor: Lowbrow Customs

Tyler from Lowbrow Customs contacted me about being part of the open house party, and I was stoked to hear from him, thanks for all the goodies. Check them out at Lowbrow Customs

Monday, August 16

Tres Noir

Tres Noir sent us some nice expensive glasses for the giveaways, some clears,and some shades. I heart Tres Noir, it's all I wear...and they didnt even have to pay me to say that...
Tres Noir

last weekend

headed for the hills on Saturday for a birthday shindig a few hours north, we roasted marshmallows and sang kumbaya, it was awesome....

Thursday, August 12


my friend Coby does this incredible magazine, and was nice enough to send a collection of every issue, some of which have been sold out for a long time, as well as a bunch of other cool shit for the giveaways at the open house. check it out at carsnotculture.com

Wednesday, August 11

new mesh caps

got these new Black & White w/ Rust color logo mesh caps in, hurry, they're limited, new color next run...HERE

Tuesday, August 10

Rubbermount Sportster Cobra King Seat...

...ok, don't get too excited yet, this is just a prototype, but it's close to working the way I want it. This is for '04 to current model sportsters, irons, nightsters etc. It is a bolt on for 04-06 and 10-11 models, 07-09 models will require a relocation of the ECM which is fast and easy, I will include instructions, and this seat will not cover the hole in the fender on those years, so you will need to fill the hole or run a different fender for 07-09 models. This seat pictured is a long version or two-up version, I will also be offering a solo (short) version for this seat. It will include all of the brackets and uses the stock gas tank mount hardware. This will clear the ignition modules on 04-06 models under the seat, and is a metal seat pan, not plastic. Price is yet to be determined. I'm hoping to have these out within a couple months.

Old Gold Garage Co.

Open House sponsor: Benchmark

Kim and Pat at Benchmark are making some bitchin parts, and they sent us a bunch of goodies for the open house. Glad to have them involved in the show...
check them out HERE

Sunday, August 8

Family 55 FLH

Yesterday we tracked down one of Tiffanys grandpas old motorcycles. We knew he had a knucklehead after the war that he used for hillclimbing, but we didn't know if this would be that bike or another. It turned out to be a 55 panhead hydraglide that Harry bought new and sold to his brother just a couple years later. It now belongs to a grandpa on the other side of the family but hasn't been ridden since the mid 90s. It was originally black and white with hard bags. The gas tanks were widened in the 50s by grandpa Harry and I would imagine would take you a long ways between gas stations.

Friday, August 6

Winner winner chicken dinner

My wifes cousin Cory after winning his class in the flattrack races at the fair. He was riding a vintage Honda 250.

Wapakoneta Ohio

County Fair Food

Deep fried twinkies

Frito Pie

Fried Cheese

Wednesday, August 4

Cro Customs

Caleb over at Cro Customs sent us a box of goodies for the open house too. Rad T-shirts, stickers, and if you haven't seen the kind of stuff he's building, check out his site. Super talented guy. Thanks Caleb
Cro Customs

you asked, we answered

I have had alot of requests for pics of the new Cobra King seats on bikes. Here ya go, I am out of town for a few days, but I'm hoping to get the first batch of seats up for sale on the webstore some time next week. Thanks for all the positive feedback on these so far.

open house sponsor-Biltwell

the guys at Biltwell and Chop Cult really stepped it up and sent us alot of cool shit for the giveaways and raffles, check out those helmets! Thanks guys, check them out HERE and HERE