Tuesday, June 30

one more of the '40 merc...

Chris Casney

Chris just finished his nailhead powered A coupe. The attention to detail is amazing, I got to see it finished for the first time the other day.

Monday, June 29

Tapeworm Todd

my friend Todd Reich stopped by the shop with his daughter Tallulah, Todd has a bitchin 60's trike that he needs to get back on the road so we can go riding....

Thursday, June 25

.....at my shop!

found Rudy Rodriguez's "lost" Merc the other day and picked it up last night after a deal fell through with another buyer. It's been in hiding for a few years. Chop was done by Rudy when he owned it about 4 years ago, everything else is stock. I think I'll put a flathead back in it.

Wednesday, June 24

pssst.....Rudy Rodriguez's lost Merc, Found.....

Verne Hammond/Burbank Choppers

Verne's '34 coupe at last years open house, and also Sandy Wachs' '56 pickup and John Mearns' bitchin '36 ford 3 window, not to be cornfused with John Fisher's bitchin '36 3 window...I think Verne's coupe has become an icon of todays traditional Hot Rod movement. Too bad more people dont gravitate towards this kind of style, instead of trying to out-do the last guys barbed wire and iron cross motif. It's less about how much money you spend and more about spending the time to research what your doing. Down with ratrods....I think I just threw up a little in my mouth typing that word.....

Tuesday, June 23

Yokohama Harbor-'06

here is my truck sitting on the docks after being shipped to Japan for Mooneyes' HRCS '06 show. In good company with Cole Fosters Special K bike, two of Indian Larry's bikes and Jeff Deckers bitchin Crocker.

Monday, June 22

Sunday:Shinyas shop...Azusa

Shinya invited me and my dad to check out his shop after the roadster show. I wish I took more pics, he's working on an MV Agusta 4 cylinder and has a new Knuck project and a neat Harley JD. This is the Needle and his Knucklehead racer, his new Ducatti 750, and a really bitchin Exclesior V-twin that he said is about 900 CC. Also spotted this cool Norton racer on the freeway, must have been a Norton meet going on somewhere. Great end to a busy weekend.

Sunday:LA Roadster Show

Headed to the LA roadster show with my dad on Sunday, found a few parts, but lots of the vendors had already packed up for the weekend. Scored an NOS Stewart Warner Green Line 8,000 RPM tach though. Check out this Harmon Collins Magneto, could be yours for only $2,600....


had a busy weekend. Worked at Victory Friday and Saturday, Saw this cool Norton racer at the gas station in Camarillo Sat morning. Tattooed all day and got a surprise visit from Japanese photographer Zap Teshima as I was getting ready to leave, and then Shinya Kimura and his wife also showed up, he rode his newest build, a '74 Ducatti 750. I had seen a few pics of it, but it has to be seen in person to appreciate all of the fabrication. We stuck the bike up in my shop via the elevator and went and had a couple beers at the Fox & Hounds. Shinya had Shepperds Pie and I had Fish & Chips. Beer Battered onion rings all around....

Saturday, June 20


found this pic somewhere on the net, it started as a Buell Blast. Bitchin'

Thursday, June 18


say what?


First I fell down and then I got shot up!

Disciplenary correctional surgery.

We're not mellow

First I fell down and then I got shot up!

And we just love it here cos it's just ???

my garage circa '94

'51 ford with a '54 Olds rocket 88 motor and Hydro trans, '56 ford dash, and one of my old ironheads in the background. I remember that particular bike being extremely fast. I sold it to a knucklehead who put fatbobs and a wideglide on it, turned it into a mini fulldresser.....
pic by Rick Amado

Wednesday, June 17


check out the green Cali plate on this little T, smells like Munster.

I want half Eddie!

here's to simpler times.....

Tuesday, June 16

'41 Buick Century for sale

This is my wife's project and we're not gonna get around to it any time soon. It's super rare if you know anything about these '41 Buicks you know the Century 2 door fastbacks(Sedannettes) were the one to have and not many around anymore. It has the large straight 8 with dual Stromberg Aerotype carbs. It wont take too much to make this one a driver, email me at the address to the right for more info.

this is a profile shot of my '41 Special, it is about 6" shorter from the cowl forward.

the showroom

found another pic of Shinya's Needle with the Singapore Sling in the background.

Sinners Party

Monday, June 15

Pagan Bros. Sedan

this is my old '29 sedan. My friend Nick O Teen and I built this at our old shop in Sun Valley, where Nick still turns out amazing paint jobs and custom work. Build time was 3 months. Engine is a 352 Police Interceptor from a '58 Ranchero, ex California Highway Patrol car. I regret not finishing the car with paint and interior, now it will just get lumped into the "Ratrod" category even though the chassis and fabrication was top notch. The current owner in Japan drives it regularly and I've seen it at the last 2 Mooneyes Yokohama shows.

Hammersmith Leather

I designed this seat for a bike being built at Ultraviolence Choppers for my friend Brian. It was hand tooled and hand stitched by My wife Tiffany at Hammersmith Leather.

Saturday, June 13

Pussy Whipped!

This one was inspired by my friend Shawn....

"The Haitian Princess"

I just found some old pics of my (long since sold) '60 Olds that never got published in the magazine they were supposed to be in. I sold this car back to Kevan from the Shifters, who originally owned it in the early 90's and chopped it along with Anthony(Brown-neck Bandito). I remember seeing it parked at the Doll Hut back then, and it disappeared for a few years when I found it listed in the Recycler for sale in hawaiian gardens....in bad shape.....

Thursday, June 11


this is Barney, he's rad

edit-6/12: just found out Barney has a tumor and goin in for surgery on Tuesday....
put out some good vibes for him

Theres no "K" in sCHool.....

Are we a bunch of cracked out homies? OK maybe some of us, but if this doesn't apply to you, don't spell everything with a K or a Z, it makes you look retarded. Also, rubber rats on your engine and in your back window are gay.

PS: I heart this '34 coupe

Wednesday, June 10

Captain Jeffrey & the Chumbuckets

these guys played my open house last year for hotdogs and beer....go check em out

Puttin' on the Ritz....

Tuesday, June 9

Bottrop Germany

just got back from Bottrop, it was pretty awesome except for the crappy weather during the show on Saturday. Thanks Michael for setting it all up, here's a few images from the trip....