Friday, September 30

Pedestrian Killers brother...

I just found out my old friend Damon(Nomad)York has his own blog. Nomad's Cycle He used to be in the Pedestrian Killers with me, and is a Harley Mechanic who rides a Triumph, go figure! You've probably seen his bike on the little pages...Stole this image from his blog.

Wednesday, September 28

Sunday, September 25


The Scarab being shot for Mooneyes Japan.

Saturday, September 24

Jan 15th 2005

can't believe it's been almost six years since the chopper art show I put on called Psycledelic Tendencies. If you were there you know it kicked ass. We had over 50 artists involved, tin painters, bike builders. Well we're getting ready to do it again, more info later...

Thursday, September 22

Pura Vida aka Sloth Monkey Rum Sand

If it's seemed especially quiet around here, it's because I fucked off to Costa Rica for a couple weeks with my wife for our first vacation in six years. I left my phone at home and went without TV and computers too. Basically just hung around with the sloths...I'm home and already wanting to go back.

Thursday, September 8

the Cheese Grater

just found this pic online. It's my old '31 coupe sometime after I sold it, in Japan. It looks basically the same except the headlights seem droopy, no hood top, and it has turn signals added. I sold it almost 14 years ago I think. Robert Williams used to call this "The Cheese Grater" because the entire roof was louvered. Thats a '50 Olds motor backed by a '53 B&M Stickman Hydro and Merc rear end. I loved this car, I only sold it so I could buy my '34 coupe...the word Ratrod had never been uttered when this car was lets clear something up. This car isn't and never was a ratrod. It's a hot rod. Period. Please stop using that bullshit term, it makes us all sound stupid...and it makes the user sound like a poser wannabe trying too hard to be a part of a scene that they think they rule...Oh, and I've tried to buy this car back several times from Japan, but the owner just won't part with it.

Lowbrow vs Old Gold

I'm happy to announce that my stuff is now available through Lowbrow Customs, which means faster shipping for you guys, the same prices, and they even have a few items we don't have on our webstore, like the new stainless reserve bottles...go check it out
Lowbrow Customs/Old Gold Garage Co

Wednesday, September 7


Mattias aka LeBeef with his newest sickle at Bottrop Germany. No rest for the wicked...

Tuesday, September 6

Love is...

My friend Dean is getting hitched in a couple weeks. I'm bummed that we can't make it to the wedding, but I thought I could show Annie what a lucky girl she is, what better present than that. Of course she already knows...
Love you guys...