Saturday, July 31

Cycle Source

Lisa from Cycle Source just hooked us up with a handful of free subscriptions to give away at the open house. Thanks Lisa!


Do you ever have one of those days?

I do. I was on the Virgin Killer on my way down to Long Beach to have lunch with Nelson and crew at Santa Fe Importers. Less than a mile from my shop a rock or something gets sucked in my velocity stack and pegs the throttle open. Shut it down call my friend Gordon at the shop and we load it up and take it back to the shop. Pull the carb clean it. Back on the road. I make it about 20 miles and my front brake jam nut backed off and my brakes come on hard and I barely make it to the side of the road before the wheel locks up. Look around and I'm at the exit where my friends Allen and Jake Decker live. You might know Jakes brother or Allens son Jeff. Not being able to even push my bike off the freeway I call Jake hoping he'll be at the house. He is. He swoops by with his stakebed and we head over the their compound. Jeff is in town and they're workin on a 1914 Harley that Jeffs supposed to ride cross country in a few weeks for pre 1916 MC cannonball. We bullshit for a few minutes, pull my caliper and I head back to Ventura with a warped rotor and no lunch. Coulda been worse though. Good thing for friends.

Friday, July 30

Tuesday, July 27

Slab City Riot 2

We're sponsoring the Slab City run this year. If you didn't make it last year, check it out at Slab City Riot

Loser Machine

the first batch of sponsor goodies for the open house came in yesterday from Loser Machine. Thanks for stepping up guys. go check them out HERE
and make sure to mark your calendar for Sunday Sept 5th!

Monday, July 26

The Blue Star Diner & Tatra Party

saw my friend Johnny Green at the LB MC swap yesterday and he tells me that our friend Paul Greenstein just had his '41 Tatra voted best collector car in america by the NY times, and he's having a party to celebrate. I remember Paul dragging the Tatra to the Blessing of the Cars about 10 years ago, before he had even started restoring it. It's a Czechoslovakian car, with an air cooled V8 in the back. and has a third headlight and a huge fin.....somehow it all works and it's pretty cool to see in person. There were a couple other Tatras there, as well as free Czech food and beer, and a Tatra shaped cake. This all went down at a little Diner in downtown LA called the Blue Star, where Paul is the short order cook one day a week, most of the time he can be found working on his Indian collection which includes a '37 Sport Scout, and a 1910 Single.

Thursday, July 22

Michael Dorman

we added a photography exhibit to the open house, and stoked to have Michael Dorman on board. His work is great.
check it out...

Tuesday, July 20

OldGoldGarageCo. 3rd annual open house party

Old Gold and DicE magazine are joining up this year for the 3rd annual Old Gold Garage Co. open house party. Hope you can make it

Sunday Sept 5th(Labor Day Weekend)

Old Gold Garage
1622 Walter St Unit K
Ventura Ca

Live music
food & drinks
priority parking for hotrods, customs and choppers
raffle prizes
more to be announced

Sponsored by DicE magazine and:
Loser machine
Cro Customs
Hippy killer
Street Chopper
Hotrod Havoc
Blue Collar Moto
LA Speed Shop
Primo Helmets
Duane Ballard Leather
Cycle Source
Tres Noir
Chop Cult
Kirk Taylor/ Custom Design Studios

lost another Hero....

...I dont know what to say...

Tiffany's first Booby ride

My wife took the Booby Trap out for her first ride since I got it on the road. It was cool to watch her tool around on it.

Saturday, July 17

Custom seat for Grant

just finished this custom seat for a rigid ironhead build.

Friday, July 16

Mooneyes this Sunday!

get your ass over to Irwindale, it should be a kickass show, Old Gold will have a booth if you need some shade, just look for the panel truck....
Just got more longsleeve ironhead shirts printed, and some other new stuff for sale. And the Cobra King prototypes will be on display. See you there....

thanks LeBeef!

I got anoter package in the mail this week. This time from Sweden. I just designed a new T-shirt for LeBeef AKA Mattias from the Jokers, and he sent me one for myself and a pack of stickers too! thanks man, you rule....

1934 Husqvarna

this was by far my favorite bike at the VVMC rally. Dont get me wrong, there were some amazing bikes there, this one just really blew me away. First of all I can honestly say I've never seen another one, and I couldn't believe the craftsmanship in it. But it was a beautiful, and purposeful machine. I want one.

from Wikipedia:
As with many motorcycle manufacturers, Husqvarna first began producing bicycles in the late 19th century. In 1903, they made the jump to motorcycle manufacturing. In 1920, Husqvarna established its own engine factory and the first engine to be designed was a 550 cc four-stroke 50-degree side-valve V-twin engine, similar to those made by companies like Harley-Davidson and Indian. Although they once made motorcycles for street use, and raced at road circuits such as the Isle of Man TT prior to World War II, they are more well known for producing world championship winning motocross and enduro bikes. In the 1960s, their lightweight, two-stroke engined off-road bikes helped make the once dominant British four-stroke motorcycles obsolete. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s they were a dominant force in the motocross world, winning 14 Motocross world championships in the 125 cc, 250 cc and 500 cc divisions and 24 enduro world championships.

Thursday, July 15

Old Gold Ironhead shirts are in stock...designed by Grimb

These were printed before my trip to Europe, but I sold out over there and had to get more printed. They are available on the webstore, go buy one, and help support the cause. The long sleeves will be back in stock next week...

Ironhead Shirts

Wednesday, July 14

Barney Dog

my pal Barney had to go in for surgery again this morning, he keeps getting tumors, and he's just havin way too much fun to not want him to stick around a little while longer. Put out some positive vibes, it's gonna be a rough couple weeks for him.

Tuesday, July 13

the Pagan Bros. sedan

built this A sedan with my friend Nick about 8 years looked rough around the edges, but it was pretty solid. 352 police interceptor motor from my '59 Ranchero. cruis o matic trans, 9" rear.

proper riding attire

Remember the importance of always wearing protective clothing while riding

Monday, July 12

mailbox full

found a package in the mail from My friend Julian in Germany yesterday, awesome! Thanks man...can never have enough Sabbath! go check out his blog

Saturday, July 10

Bullseye points covers are back in stock!

Go buy one!
They also now come with stainless hardware and Old Gold logo on the inside face. These will fit all cone motors and '71 and up Sportsters. They sold out fast last run, so grab em while you can.

only $40 plus S&H


Friday, July 9

Grand National Roadster Show/ Singapore Sling

I debuted the Sling at the GNRS in December '07, literally got it running the night before. Talk about a thrash...That's my truck in the background too...

Thursday, July 8

Booby Trap puts rubber to the road

the fabrication on the booby trap is done, took it for a ride and its solid. time to put some miles on it and then hand it off to my wife. Hope you likey...

Monday, July 5

my Poncho

This was my third car, I was 17 when I bought it. It was super rough, and I learned alot of what not to do as I tried to keep it running. It was my daily driver for a quite a few years.This picture was taken by my friend, freelance photographer Rick Amado, who shoots for many of the magazines today. This shot was taken in the studio at Pasadena Art Center where he was going to school for automotive photography. I think it was around 1994.

Sunday, July 4


Happy fourth

Never take our freedom for granted.

Saturday, July 3


I started takin the Bearded Hag apart for paint finally. The tins are going off to Chicago Chris and I'm gonna button up a few loose ends while he's doin that. I'll post pics when I get the sheetmetal back....

Thursday, July 1

Cobra King seats...coming soon

the new seats are going into production. Should be hitting the streets within a month or two. Fuck Yeah...