Saturday, May 30

Kiwi Kevin

went to Kiwi Kev's after Back to the Beach for a little bbq, heres a few pics of his stash. Theres a bunch more hiding in there...
Last post till I get back from Germany, adios amigos....

Back to the Beach

artsy fartsy pitchas

Thursday, May 28

Wednesday, May 27

The Cheesegrater

found this pic of my Olds powered '31 coupe, circa '94? Robert Williams used to call it the cheesegrater because of all the louvers in the roof. This is the car I regret selling the most, but I had my reasons. pic by Rick Amado

What's better than....

a Scottish monkey riding a '51 Beezer? nothing.

Tuesday, May 26

Matt Noble

I stopped by my friend Matt's shop on the way back from Ventura Steel. He just got back from Santa Maria, and I hadn't seen his '55 merc since he had the roof painted last week. If you havent seen his stuff yet, check him out at

Bill Cosby vs. Dolemite

who wins?


I bought this '34 Tudor, sight unseen off of Craigslist for $250. The owner was only asking $125, but I didn't want him to sell it to anyone else and I had to send him a I doubled his money! Thanks to my friend Rob in Detroit for picking it up for me, been sitting in his garage for a while, I guess I need to get it out here.....

Arlen Ness

it's easy to lump Arlen Ness in with the OCC, billet bullshit builders of the world, at least for the average cable watching member of modern America. He's more than just a corporate biker though. He really innovated and inspired lots of other builders with his early works. His Sportster diggers, and Knuckle choppers were cutting edge for the time, but had soul, and I remember trying to find pics of his bikes when I first got into choppers, this was before internet(fuck I guess I'm old huh?) I found this pic of Arlen from the mid 60's on his Knuck, thought it was pretty neat, also a cool ironhead chop with a weber intake.....

Monday, May 25

Fire and Suicide

1993/ acrylic on canvas

Main St. Ventura

photo shoot with the Singapore Sling for Kustom magazine....

Saturday, May 23


photo by Mark Peacock

Home garage......

I have too many projects on my plate, my wife's Triumph T100, and my '51 BSA ZB34 500 thumper. These are sitting in the garage waiting for some love, I just made a custom tank for the triumph, and found the old sporty front end at the last chopperfest. Theres also a Freddy Hernandez single downloop frame and narrow wishbone springer on the other side of the garage waiting for a drivetrain......

Friday, May 22

Dean Micetich

otherwise known as Kid Rocker to our far eastern friends....on location shooting the Bearded Hag for DiCE

The Pizz

submitted by Pizz, art by the Pizz, boardtrack racer by Old School Garage in LBC

shop projects.....

crappy cellio phone pixxx.....

injun roller

submitted by Rich Wilder


I mean knuckles.....ya know?


Shinya Kimura

the Needle and the Silver Wasp in the showroom here at Old Gold

NiCKEL-art show and party/ So Cal

Victory Studios 5 Year anniversary is comin up. Sat June 27th, original works by Robert Atkinson, Dan Collins, John Kline and Stanley Gunn.
11390 Ventura Bl #7
Studio City, Ca.

7-11 pm
afterparty 11pm on


submitted by John Mearns

count chocula

what happened to all the cool shit? Big Wheels, Stretch Armstrong, Frankenberry & Count Chocula? Instead of sugar we got high fructose corn syrup, and instead of a big wheel we got fuckin playstation.....lame.....