Thursday, December 30

my favorite xmas present...

my wife Tiffany is pretty talented in her own right and has been doing leather work for 6 or 7 years now. It's not a full time gig, but she doesn't want to do it full time cause that always seems to take the enjoyment out of things. I designed this wallet about 2 years ago, and waited patiently while she did motorcycle seats and handbags for all of our friends. I never thought I would actually get it, but she surprised me...pretty stoked on it too....theres a link to her work to the right, Hammersmith Leather...go check it out.

Wednesday, December 29

Victory Relaunch party!

I'm back, and I got a shit ton of stuff on my plate...I'm finishing a '34 coupe for the Grand National Roadster Show and getting ready to relaunch the tattoo shop along with all of the usual stuff like making parts, seats, tattooing, and trying to make a dent in my other customers cars and bikes. Hope a bunch of you will be able to make it down to the party on Feb 5th. It's sure to be a good time as usual, and we will be having an after party as well, but you gotta show to the relaunch to find out when and where...of course DicE is sponsoring it, they'll sponsor anything! free junk, and booze, priority parking for choppers....lots of restaurants downstairs to eat at too....

Tuesday, December 21

You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory...

It's been hard for me to post lately. My dogs have both been sick since before I went to Japan, and when I got home, Barney was worse than before. We put him on some new meds that helped his comfort level, and he almost seemed like his old self for the last couple of weeks, but we knew it wouldn't last forever. He finally left us Sunday night, and I'm really having a hard time without him around. He was the best little guy you could ever hope to meet, some of you were lucky enough to spend some quality time with him over the last few years. We rescued him 7 years ago, as a 4 year old. He already looked old with a white face, but acted like a pup. Nothing ever got him down. Make sure you let your dogs know how much you love em as often as you can. They'll give you everything without asking for anything in return. see you later Barney Dog....

Saturday, December 18


Vintage Japanese pickup. Pretty cool

Wednesday, December 15

The Pussy Puncher

Saw this awesome masterpiece at Hawgholic in Tokyo. Maybe there's a better name for it than pussy puncher...
Goblin gobbler?
Monster muncher?
Fantasy fister?

Monday, December 13

Excellently weird

This is why I love Japan

Thursday, December 9

My pick

This is the truck that took my pick award at the Yokohama show. It rules...

Wednesday, December 1

Old Gold brass pegs coming soon

Shown here in brushed brass finish. Should have some to sell in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, November 30

Friday, November 26

David Mann Chopper Fest PRE PARTY!

coming up soon, Dec 11th, after the mooneyes Xmas party, come up to Ventura the night before the David Mann Chopperfest and hang out with us...then you dont have to get up early the next day to get to the show....drink specials, giveaways, bike parking etc....see you there

Wednesday, November 24

Tuesday, November 23

Hemi powered air raid siren

A leftover from the cold war. Kind of ironic that it's now painted commie red.

Monday, November 22

New bike at the tattoo shop

We just mounted Grants BSA pre unit cafe bike like a stuffed gazelle on the wall at Victory. Time to give the Triumph a break and maybe get it road worthy or?

Bottrop 2011

Saturday, November 20

Stolen Ruby

EDIT 7:30pm Sat night
Car has been found safe and sound! Returned in one piece.

My friends car "Ruby Deluxe" was stolen around 1am on Thursday morning. It was in a trailer in Burbank, and the truck trailer and car were all taken. The truck was found ditched in Pasadena. I think I've mentioned this before, but fuck thieves in the ass. Osama Bin Ladens probably gonna be cruising the Gaza strip in this thing...

Thursday, November 18

1968 Chevy G100 van

Just got Johns G100 ready to go home. Narrower coke bottle mags on front and new big n' little tires for that California rake. This thing looks killer. Just needs a crazy paint job now.

Tuesday, November 16

Slab City Riot: The Honey Shot


please do not judge me based on this video, only judge yourselves for not being able to stop watching it....

there is also a low-fi version for you dial-uppers...

Vintage Van sticker

A local van accessory shop in the 70s. Check out his clogs.

Vintage S&S

Sunday, November 14

More two wheeled energy suckers

Like I need any more projects. YES. I pulled the triumph chopper off the wall at the tattoo shop and we're replacing that with a BSA cafe bike. So I think I might get it running. Also got this Yamaha XT500 for some rust repair work on trade. Hmmm. Lots of potential. Lots of spare parts too. Just need more free time and free money too.

Radial finned gas & oil caps

Coming soon!

These will come with a weld in, machined steel bung. In brass or aluminum.

Saturday, November 13

Fuck video games

I just got my tins back from Chicago Chris, I'm super happy and can't wait to get the bike back together now. Donkey Kong ain't got nothin on me.

Wednesday, November 10

Chicago Chris...

...just painted my tins for The Bearded Hag. I'm super stoked on the work he did. I made him a T-shirt design in return. Go see his work HERE