Thursday, June 30

another diamond dog

Frank sent me a few pics of his sportster with it's new Diamond two up. Thanks Frank. Keep the rubber side down.

Cash box

My desk is getting cluttered...

Wednesday, June 29

Lossa party

I'll be there with the Victory crew. See you there.

Tuesday, June 28

Movie of the Week-The Room

if you like bad movies, this has got to be he worst...

Saturday, June 25

And then?

Much more happened but I've been sworn to secrecy. It's ok though because I can't remember it anyways.

Friday, June 24

Thursday, June 23

Cobra Hiss

These bikes both showed up in my inbox yesterday. Kurts shiny sporty with the tuck n roll Cobra King and Robs oxide primer sporty with the diamonds. Both look great. Thanks for the support

Wednesday, June 22

The Velvet Hammer

pics courtesy of Michael Schmidt and Chopcult. To see the whole feature, go HERE

Thursday, June 16

Sunday, June 12

Saturday, June 11

Friday, June 10


my truck...
photo courtesy of Rick Amado(from Classic Trucks Magazine)

Wednesday, June 8

sidewalk surfin'

West Valley Gutter Sharks

sometimes it's not just a bad gasket...

Fucker. Had to pull the head. Seems that the leaky exhaust rocker tin was actually leaking from the lower cup. That means the valve guide needed to come out which basically means a valve job.

Tuesday, June 7

Greasy Kulture dillio

theres a feature on my panel truck in the new issue of Greasy Kulture, with Jeff Leighton's Shovel on the cover...go buy it...
photo by Dave Herren

Friday, June 3

no way....yes way

nice 4 door....there, I said it...

I don't care how you try to justify it, four doors aren't cool. I know these days people are taking whatever they can find and customizing it, and thats great, but just because thats all you can get your hands on doesn't make it cool. 2 doors will always be king, with the rare exception of the bitchin Buick Caballero and some Chrysler 4 door hardtop wagons. And yes I know I am bein a snob, and I have seen some good looking chopped 4 door mercs etc. but that's just how I feel. And then I saw this 4 door sedan....what the fuck? I like it...I'm so confused...