Tuesday, December 29

Monday, December 28


submitted by Bad Weather Heather, obviously the fine folks on Florida are keeping busy, and as always fine craftsmanship. I think this is setting the bar a little too high for the rest of us. If your reading this from sunny FLA, please take it down a notch so we can catch up. Same goes for your boob-jobs.

Sunday, December 27

Buell progress...

got a couple of aluminum belly pans made over the holiday weekend, gonna hide all the wiring and ignition module etc under the seat.

Humping Dog

"USB meets love" is how it reads, and what it does is hump your keyboard. No it isn't storage for your files, it just humps your keyboard...perfect.

Friday, December 25

You'll shoot your eye out!

Best Xmas present ever...

Good thing there aren't any icicles around here.

Farararara ra ra ra ra....

Thursday, December 24

Bueno Cabeza del Pano

Another pic from the chopperfest.

Wednesday, December 23

Spaghetti Western

Sean tackles the wiring on the Buell....how can one little bike have so many damned wires?

Tuesday, December 22

Bah Humbug...

cant get into the season this year, but Zombies always help....no, still not into it....

Saturday, December 19

Guardrail Boogie: dont do it.....

lame fucking morning.....but I guess it coulda been worse, nobody got hurt. Found a new bumper already....too bad I only have liablilty insurance


Friday, December 18

sultan of Brunei....

Sean from Brunai sent me this pic of him and a couple of bikes he built. Thanks Sean, keep the rubber side down.

Thursday, December 17

Josh Kurpius...

came by the shop today to take some shots.....looking forward to seeing what he came up with....