Saturday, October 31

Buell in a box

so i just picked up an '03 buell XB9 motor for a project I have been wanting to build for a while. I have a single downloop Freddy Hernandez frame and Freddy Hernandez springer, set up for an evo sporty drivetrain. Been collecting parts for a while and just needed to find the right donor for the power. I originally wanted a Sportster based Buell motor so it would be an easy bolt in thing. But The more I thought about the factory dropping Buell, the more I wanted to build it around a Buell based powerplant. I guess it's my little way of saying "Fuck You" to the Mothership. So this XB9 motor keeps popping up on Craigslist from NorCal with paperwork, frame, wiring harness(clean title), but I want a 1200, the price drops a little and then the ad disappears and I'm kicking myself for not calling. Then the ad shows up again, and yesterday I call and the guy asks for a small deposit and drives all the way down with it today for a small fee, numbers matching, ready to go. now all I need to do is make new motor mounts, and figure out if I wanna deal with Fuel Injection or bolt a carb on it. I'll post pics as soon as I start tearing into it. Buell is dead, Long live Buell.

Gnarly MoFo

Vincent Price is the shit

Friday, October 30

Rick James sez:

Happy Halloween Bitchez!

the Khouri Coupe goes for paint

just disassembled the coupe and with help from a couple friends lifted it onto the body dolly, now its body work and paint time. Can't wait to see it in color. Check back for updates.

Thursday, October 29


ever wonder how to take a frosty cool one on the road with you, but your on two wheels?

Grandpa Jones

my Grandpa Tom, on my moms side, was a Banjo picker in England before the war. When he died he left me some of his Grandpa Jones and Uncle Dave Macon records....

Wednesday, October 28

I dont wanna pickle......

I was looking for some stuff about Woody Guthrie, the depression era, folk singer, and found a cool pic of his son Arlo(I don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motorsickle) Guthrie, riding a Triumph Scrambler and the pic was taken in '69. I guess even hippies do cool shit sometimes.....I wonder if he was shroomin?

Tuesday, October 27

my first crush


built a new seat rail section for my friend Brian's new SR500 project. Dropped the seat height about 2 inches....Looking forward to the finished product.

frosty beverage

Monday, October 26

smart shit...

nice shovel, can you dig it? rare left side cone motor...what more can I say....

oh yeah, is that a chrome german helmut on the sissybar?

Stoopid Shit......

or am I just out of the loop?

Saturday, October 24

Bill Jenks

went to Bill's memorial at Mooneyes today, he will be missed.

Nash San

my japanese friend Nash called me a couple days ago, he wanted to do a japanese pin-up style shoot at the shop. Anything for you Nash San, Domo Origato Mr Roboto....

Friday, October 23

Monday, October 19

Hot Rod Reunion

rode the sporty up on Sat morning just stopping for some machaca and eggs, and gas in Gorman on the way up the was a great turnout, too hot though. Heres some pics...

Saturday, October 17

Friday, October 16

it's Tranny day here at Old Gold

we love our trannys here and just took delivery of four new ones today....but to be fair the second from the right is actually Christina Aguillera....close enough right?

Thursday, October 15

jam packed shop

total bummer...

just found out a few hours ago that Harley is ceasing to make Buells anymore. It's sad to see so many things that we take for granted go by the wayside. Also, just a reminder that we should be trying to buy american whenever we can, pretty soon everything we consume will be made somewhere else. Here's Erik's '88 AMA racer.....


Wednesday, October 14

Buell Blast

After buying my wife a used blast to learn to ride on, and tearing around the neighborhood on it while I was fixing some stuff, I decided I had to have one too. I did a bunch of stuff to it, clip ons, chopped tail section, rearsets, etc...and then I came accross an old Yamaha gas tank at the El Camino swap and proceeded to dismember the Buell beyond recognition....this is where it sits now, I still have alot of work to go....