Monday, May 31

After Booze Riding


This is a painting by my friend WideRange in Japan. I'm headed for der fatherland. Don't have too much fun without me. The new Ironhead shirts will be for sale at the Born Free show and the new Cobra King seats will be on display at my booth. Go buy a shirt and support the cause. And support Harpoon and Grant by draggin yer asses down there by bike or by bus.

Sunday, May 30

This is the way the fucking world ends...

...Not with a bang, but with a whimper

Panel Jammer

the '58 made the drive like a champ, it's nice to have it back on the road again....

Saturday, May 29

Santa Maria

Wake up an get your ass over to the fairgrounds.

Thursday, May 27

Old Gold "Cobra King" seats

I just finished the first prototypes of my new seats. These will be available to buy for your bike late summer. "Cobra "King" styling to make your bike fucking magical and deadly at the same time. The first two are for Evo Sportster and Early Swingarm frames. I will also be offering optional colors and patterns. You know you want one....


man, I swear my panel truck is cursed, first the wheel comes off, now it catches on fire....I havent driven the damn thing in 2 years. Fire was quenched thanks to 6 gallons of water and a fire extinguisher, no paint damage. Some fuckin hippies used egg crates as insulation and sound deadening on this thing in the 70's. I thought I got all of it out, but the sneaky bastards stuffed it down in between the body panels too! Maybe they were actually tweekers....

Wednesday, May 26

Harpoons XLH is fo sale...

neat bike, email him at for more info

Tuesday, May 25

Born Free

so I'm super bummed to be missing Born Free this year. I will have a booth there that my friends will be runnin but it's just not the same. So you can imagine how excited I was when Harpoon told me he was gonna send me these limited edition Born Free beer cozies....they don't really look like a regular beer cozy, but my guess is that theyre even better! I cant wait to try them out. Almost as good as being there...

Old is Gold

Friday, May 21

one year....

since tomorrow is the one year dillyo since I made my first post. I figured I would post it again, see where it all began...

what happened to all the cool shit? Big Wheels, Stretch Armstrong, Frankenberry & Count Chocula? Instead of sugar we got high fructose corn syrup, and instead of a big wheel we got fuckin playstation.....lame.....

Jokers car & bike show, Sweden

After Bottrop we'll be heading to Sweden with Matt & Dean from Dice, Ari from 2 wheel terrors and a few others to hang out with the Jokers, and experience Pagan Viking rituals like drinking beer and watching grown men walk around in Tighty Whiteys(thats what Dean told me anyways)maybe he was at the wrong party....


I needed cables made for a couple of the bikes I'm building and I'm lucky enough to be just a few blocks away from the Barnett factory. Swung by to make my order and was diggin on this '53 pan with original paint and low miles. Also, cool fridge covered in old stickers....these guys really took the time to make sure they got me covered.

Thursday, May 20

the Cal Look

snapped this pic while driving, hands free, I swear....

Oakland 1970

from the '70 Oakland Roadster Show, or Grand National Roadster Show. More from Gordon's collection. I will be doing a full feature on Gordon's pics in an upcoming issue of Street Chopper magazine.

Wednesday, May 19

the Khoury coupe... gettin ready...are you ready?

Bang a Gong

I finally got my panel truck back on the road. It has sat for almost 2 years with paint, new glass, airbags etc. I finally realized i wasnt gonna find the time to finish the airbags myself, at least not if I wanted to drive it to Santa Maria, so I enlisted my friend Matt Noble from Noble Fabrication to button it up for me, and of course he came through. I drove it home yesterday with a big smile on my face, even though it has no floors or exhaust lines. Hopefully that will get done before the drive to the show. Thanks Matt

Tuesday, May 18

Bodacious BBQ

theres a BBQ place near the tire shop I use called Marshall's Bodacious BBQ...I always get the boneless pork rib, but the tri tip kicks ass too. It's so good I dont even put the sauce on it....

6353 Ventura Bl

support your local BBQ

random shop shiznit

invader 15

Grandpa Braun aka 5 Knuckleheads and an indian...

This is a picture of my Wife's Grandpa, Harry Braun(center) and two of his racing buddies from the 40's and 50's. We know he used to do Hillclimb events and suspect dirt track too, but we would love to find out more about him and his racing career. He lived in Wapakoneta Ohio and probably traveled within the Ohio area for races. If anyone has any info let me know. He also used to ride with a sidehack and went on to do tractor pulls with his own rig. We have a few more pics of him that I'll post one of these days.

Monday, May 17


took the T for an early morning drive down PCH on sunday

this one is for you Dukie lovers

from the Oct '85 issue of Back Street Heroes. I believe it was during the infamous super hot model strike of '85, so they had to use scabs. It's a man baby!

Saturday, May 15

what a fuckin digger!

more from my friend Gordon's photo albums...

shitty start to a saturday.....

....I guess it coulda been worse, maybe those paintless dent removal guys can tweek it back straight?

Friday, May 14

sunshine superman

this tank kicks ass, and i'm finally done narrowing it, building the tunnel, and adding tabs and petcock bung...and I managed to not fuck up the paint. Internal throttle is finished, and the chain in in place and aligned...more next week, stay tuned...

Thursday, May 13

Knuckster circa 1970

my friend Gordon Chappel brought over his old photo albums for me to check out. Too much cool stuff. Here is a neat knuckle in a Sportster from 1970. Gordon has been riding, building and wrenching on Harleys since the 60's and I'll be posting alot more of his pics as I have time to scan them in.

Tuesday, May 11

this is from the dictionary so it must be true...

this is from the dictionary so it must be true...

El Duce(person,noun):
El Duce is lord, he started his rape rock band The Mentors in 1976. They mix stand up comedy with metal and porn. With great success came temptation, and in 1991, he left the Mentors becuase he could not play drums anymore due to his drinking. Later he would team up with bandmate Dr. Heathen Scum for some of his solo albums. After Kurt Cobain'S "suicide" in 1994 El Duce came out with the fact that Kourtney Love paid him $50,000 to murder Kurt Cobain, he did not do it, and he even passed a polygraph test. A short time after he was "hit by at train" and died, but we all no that Kourtney Love conspired kill Kurt Cobain and El Duce.
Person 1: I fucked 2 fat women at the same time!
Person 2: Just like El Duce in the sandwich of love!

Monday, May 10

RIP Frank Frazetta...

...ruler of Tiger riding big breasted Amazon women, and Viking warriors in outer space...I posted this pic last year when I wrote about him, he was a huge inspiration to me as a kid, and hopefully his art will live on via gas tank murals and gnarly tattoos forever...

LeBeef Kustoms-Sweden

I just finished this T-shirt design for my friend Mattias, or Le Beef, from the Jokers. He also owns Le Beef Kustoms in Sweden, and builds some cool bikes and cars, go support him by checking out his website.

I also just finished a new shirt for the guys from DicE, so keep your eyes peeled...

Sunday, May 9

Breakfast w/ mom

My wife and I took my mom for breakfast this morning. And of course we had desert. Four deserts. Doesn't everyone?

If you're ever in Hollywood check out Delphine in the W hotel. Awesome food. And drink....

Thursday, May 6


Outlaws cruise night in Camarillo

the first Wed of every month Outlaws bar and grill hosts a local cruise night during the summer. Come check it out next month if you're local. Live music, drink specials, food, and parking for hotrods, customs and bikes. I think Captain Jeffrey & the Chumbuckets are playing next month. Killer steak nachos...

Wednesday, May 5


on the '34

tweaking the daily

new fender treatment on the '93...I need to paint this fucker

Tuesday, May 4