Monday, March 29

Victory Tattoo Studios

this is what I do on the weekends when I'm sick of looking at wrenches....

Saturday, March 27

Santa Fe Importers

I'll post more pics later....

Tuesday, March 23

silver lining

I've been working crazy hours lately, trying to get caught up on customers cars, and doing lots of work to the house in the mornings, nights and on sunday. I'm burnt and thats why I havent posted in a few days. On the plus side though, I pulled up to the driveway the other night after a long day and there was an XR1200 sitting in the driveway. I was a little confused, but it turned out that our friend who usually rides a Dyna, was borrowing the XR while her bike was in the shop. So I got to blow off a little steam riding it around the Rillo, and man that thing is quick. It's not something I would probably buy, but I can see why others would. The suspension was pretty good, the brakes were great, and it moved out of it's own way like it should, but it was missing something. This was the first rubber mounted and also the first fuel injected bike I had ever ridden, and after pulling back into the driveway all I could think was how I wanted to take my rigid mounted, carbureted sportster out. It may not be as fast, but it's a lot more fun, at a fraction of the price....I hope the XR 1200 manages to bring in a few new sales to harley though, and maybe fill the gap that was left behind when Buell was shanked in the ass....

Thursday, March 18


Keys, to me, are one of those things that take on a life beyond their purpose. They're kind of spiritual. I bet you never thought about how important they are huh? Me neither, it's just a key....but if your key's too big to fit in the hole maybe you need to make it smaller....
or maybe you need to find a bigger keyhole...

Wednesday, March 17

blue moons, purple horseshoes, green clovers!

happy St Pattys day everybody! Smile!

West Coast Cycles

there's a little cycle shop around the corner from me, and they love working on old bikes, pans, knucks, ULHs, 45's, shovels ironheads. The owner, Eric, has a bitchin pan that he built in the 60's and rode the hell out of, I'll be doing a photoshoot of it soon. One of the mechanics there, Gordon, put this little panhead together to sell, call them for more info and price etc...
West Coast Cycle

Tuesday, March 16

chrome fo da munny, gold fo da hunny

Paint yer own....

my friend Brian posted a DIY thingamajig on his on the link...

Monday, March 15

Saturday, March 13


Lisa Ballard just sent me the updated fliers for the Hoedown.....

Thursday, March 11

Hammersmith Leatherwork

MC seats, tool bags, wallets, belts, purses, etc. Hand Tooled, hand stitched, made to order, with pride, in the USA.


Wednesday, March 10

left turn Clyde

Breaker breaker
got a Bean Bopper who's had too many colorado kool aids,
need a coke stop and a dress for sale,
then we'll flop it
pick up a hippie chippie
and do our thing in the lefthand lane
keep yer eyes open & yer black stack smokin

buell chopper

after working the first part of the day doing my office work, Tiffany spent the rest of the day breaking down the Blast and with a little help from me we got the motor mocked up in the frame....gonna run a sporty tank and tall z bars lots of spare parts to throw at it, so it should come together pretty quick...

Tuesday, March 9

Orange Crate

Grant had just picked up this 72 ironhead chopper in the valley. I remember seeing it on craigslist. Well, he ended up scoring a cool hardtailed sporty frame that had a k model in it, and decided to off the old 70's swingin hugger orange roller. I called him and went to check it out and ended up loading it in the back of my pickup and taking it home. I unloaded it into our walkway and surprised my wife with it, we were gonna start doin stuff to her little Buell, but I thought this would be a lot more fun. Seeing as we're always on a tight budget, were gonna rock the little buell motor in it, but it would be easy enough to switch it out later if she wants...the bike looks huge in the pics, but it's really not. She's just tiny....

Monday, March 8

1940 Ford hardtop coupe

here are the renderings that Janne Kutja did for me of the '40 coupe I am building for a customer in Australia. All of my cars seem to evolve as I'm building them, so it might not look exactly like this down to every detail, but it sure gets me stoked to finish it. Janne knocked it out of the ballpark with these drawings. Thanks brutha...

Friday, March 5

I'm addicted...

to 7-11 tuna salad that wrong?

bright lights big city

sometimes you just have to say fuck it

Wednesday, March 3

1941 Buick Century for sale

this is my wifes car, it's time to go to someone new so she can finish her T-bird and her has new brakes, rebuilt carbs(dual Stromberg Aerotypes)new battery w/ 12 volt alternator conversion, and rebuilt radiator. It needs the gas tank boiled out, new fuel and water pumps, and go through the wiring, the interior is complete but needs to be reupholstered. The body is super solid California steel, and we have lots of extra parts(bumpers, radios etc.) It's currently registered as non op in her name, no back fee's due. email me for the price and any other info you need. Thanks

BTW this is the highly sought after Century Sedanette, or 2 door fastback. These are rare and would do 100MPH off the showroom floor in 1941...

Tuesday, March 2

Jokers show Sweden

it's official, we are headed to Sweden for the Jokers show after Bottrop. Looking forward to catching up with friends and maybe even tattooing a little while I'm there. Maybe someone will lend me a bike to ride while I'm there...hint hint nudge nudge! Gonna kick ass.

Eric Maaske

I saw a guy with a really bad Man's Ruin tattoo in a coffee shop today and it made me think about my Mans Ruin tattoo, and how stoked I was that Eric Maaske did it. And then I started thinkin about Eric and what a good guy he was. And even though he's been gone for a while now, I still think about him and hangin out at his shop. I hope his life and work will be remembered for a very long time. I stole the pic of him and Dave from Dave's blog...