Sunday, January 29


I just scored a '38 Sport Scout motor, it will be a long term project. but worth the wait.
nice sport scout, mine won't be stock

Thursday, January 26

Velvet Hammer?

My knucklehead is in the new street chopper, haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it's gonna be a good one, Dave Polgreen is on the cover. The knuck doesnt look much like it did when we shot it anymore. I gave it a little facelift....

Hummer tank, new headlight and mount, new handmade bird deflector, narrowed bars and CMS grips, and taller risers.

Tuesday, January 24


this thing is bitchin...
blown Indian 741 Scout
built in Denmark and raced at Bonneville


Sunday, January 22

Psychledelic Tendencies 2

A few shots before the madness

Shinya's new twin cam racer that he debuted at the show

The crowd outside

The show will be up for the next three weeks still(minus the bikes) so if you missed it come on down wednesday-Sunday 12-9pm
11390 Ventura Bl #7, Studio City

Most of the art is for sale, some is sold already and some is on loan from private collections.

Friday, January 20

Monday, January 16

The Poser and the Parts Hoarder

I finished this painting for the Psycledelic Tendencies show. I havent done a piece this big in a couple years. Watercolor on parchment. for sale.

Monday, January 9

This Saturday night...

plus works by David Mann, Andy Carter, Spencer Getty, Wyatt Vandergeest, Dennis McPhail, and the debut of Shinya Kimuras latest bike.

Friday, January 6

20 years ago

My shovelhead. I was 17...I think I sold that Jammer springer for $100 when I later rebuilt the bike with a wide glide front end, but then I think the bike cost me about $3,000, which I borrowed from my ex boss, who was a mormon hair rocker who worshipped Def Leppard. He lived in a trailer in the desert and drove a Porsche. He also ran bogus telemarketing schemes which was my first job at 14. That probably explains why I hate talking on the phone so much.

Tuesday, January 3


I'm so glad the holidays and all the baggage that comes with it are behind me. I was stoked for 2011, but it ended up bein a hell of a tough year. I know it was like that for most of us. I have a really good feeling about 2012 though and I'm more focused on what's important. Bring it on.