Thursday, February 25

Beatnik Blowout... the Beach

see it here first! Dennis McPhail just finished the artwork for the Beatnik Blowout car show here in Ventura that will replace the Back to the Beach show in April. Get the word out, this show is gonna kick ass....


I think this is an old book cover, but I dont think I'd wanna read it.

"the boys on bikes played shame games with the mother truckers"


Wednesday, February 24

I'm over sanding

three copper dips and countless hours of sanding, and it's ready for another bath in copper, then more sanding....and then....?

Alert, Hippy Kills a ho, downtown...

...or something like that. Looks like I will be makin a trophy for this one, looks like fun, dont miss out y'all

Tuesday, February 23

my old man in 1970

I don't know if he was the white Jimmy Cliff or if Jimmy Cliff was the black Michael Collins...I wonder what he was hiding under the hat?

Monday, February 22

sunday...Ojai mutherfucker

Robert Williams at CSUN

Sat night we headed over to CSUN to check out the Robert Williams exhibit, it was so crowded it was almost impossible to take pictures inside...

Saturday, February 20

dumpster baby

I think there was also a Disgustin Dustin....



1937 BMW R7 prototype

800cc boxer powered Deco moto, designed by Alfred Boning, pretty fucking cool....

Friday, February 19

The Treasure of Them All...

submitted by John, he found these on Ebay, sealed from WWII, I wonder how fresh they are? I used to smoke years ago, but I was a Chesterfield guy...

Wednesday, February 17

Keith Weesner must hate me...

a few of us went to dinner last night and keith did a caricature of me on my styrofoam leftover box. I hope I don't really look that creepy. Thanks Keith!

Tuesday, February 16

sporty gets a little love

I just wasn't diggin the new tank on the '93, and i realized it was because it seemed lower than the old stocker and so I made some new mounts for it, looks way better, also made some heat shields for the exhaust, and tweeked my handlebars. This bike sounds and runs bitchin'

Monday, February 15

Powerglide in the mail

Just got a few copies of the latest Powerglide magazine in the mailbox, super stoked, Etienne did a great job with the article and they hooked me up with 8 pages...I havent had as much time to post on here lately, been busy at the shop, but thats good too I guess.

Wednesday, February 10

last sunday

beer, chicken wings, tamales, pizza, bean dip, dr pepper shots, pigs in a blanket, tequila, oh yeah, and some guys kicked a football around and made lots of money...

Tuesday, February 9

Monday, February 8

A Boy and His Dog

the best Don Johnson movie ever....ok, so thats not saying much, but still. if you like post apocalyptic romps through the desert, this movie is for you, netflix it now!

Shiny Bird

the T-bird just came back from paint, AFTER A YEAR. Missing the headlight doors, and forgot to paint the door jams, WTF? but it looks good, I gotta take it back again to have the Jams done, I hate (most) bodyshops.....

Friday, February 5

Blast: step 2

so i took a perfectly nice sporty tank and cut it up, I'm hoping it'll hold about 1.75 gallons when I'm done. Can't modify the backbone too much cause it doubles as the oil tank. still needs a little work, but it's getting there...

louver punch drunk

my friend Kiwi Kevin just did another outstanding job punching louvers in a one piece hood for the '32 3 window build...looks awesome

Thursday, February 4

Blast: step 1

just dragged my wife's Buell to the shop today to start doing some modifications to it, new gas tank, rear frame section, lights etc. this is the before pic. I will post updates as I get shit done...

Monday, February 1

The Grand National...

...Roaster Show

I didn't take too many pictures, I had to hit it and quit it pretty quick this year. I know I missed some cool shit too...