Friday, April 30

Thursday, April 29


it's hip to be square

Safety Glasses

remember to wear your safety glasses...

Wednesday, April 28

Detroit Muscle

348 Chevy motor, NOS Winfield cam, Crane roller rockers, Tri-Power, 5 speed, thats enough...

MiNi trail?


Monday, April 26

New stickers fer all you metalheads!

these will be on the webstore this week....but if you drop me a self addressed stamped envelope this week, I will send you back some free ones....hurry!

Old Gold Garage
1622 Walter st unit K
Ventura Ca

straight up

American Idol just isn't the same without Paula Abdul. She was so coked out...

Thursday, April 22

1960 Coupe DeVille for sale

my friend Richie is selling his mild custom '60 Caddy. Email him at for info

Booby Trap

This is the latest bike project...The Booby Trap. I know the name has been used before, but I dont's a Buell Blast motor in an old sportster chopper frame, an old chrome '70 XL front end that I extended 10" and converted to big twin neck stem, vintage mustang style paughco tank that I took 4" out of the middle, paint is original from the 70's. Narrowed tall Z bars that have been sitting on my shelf for years, just a bunch of old junk and castoff parts from other builds and swap meet finds. I just got all the motor mounts finished, it's rigid mounted now, I should call it the Steely Dan, cause it's gonna vibrate like hell! switched it over to chain final drive too....hope to have it running in a few weeks.

Back Street Heroes

theres nothing better than looking through old chopper mags. There is always some questionable fashion and bike styling goin on, no matter what era, and also usually some pretty cool shit that we either missed the first time around, or forgot about. My friend Sam from London, who is not even remotely into bikes or anything like that saw these in an antique store in England and snatched em up for me. Priceless. Thanks bro...

vintage back street heroes circa early 80's, if you couldnt tell...

Wednesday, April 21

Shinya rules

Shinya from Chabott Engineering made me this bitchin sign for me as a shop warming present. Go check out his work at

corner brownie

you know it's gonna be a good day when you find a walnut brownie from the corner of the pan.....two chewy sides, fuck yeah...

Tuesday, April 20

Travis Bickle wants to give you a T-shirt

first person to tell me what famous American songwriter was suggested to play the lead role of Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, instead of Bobby De Niro, wins a brand new "Love Thy Neighbor" T-shirt

I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Kurt Kobain

Monday, April 19


I made a trophy to give away at the show and was asked to pick a bike to award it to. It was actually pretty difficult, cause there were plenty of nice machines there. I ended up going back to a little ironhead that was parked at the end of the row almost as far as it could be from the rest of the show. It had bitchin proportions, and lots of trick one off parts. I found out that the owner was Pat, from Benchmark Machine shop in San Diego, who seemed like a super cool guy, and hopefully we'll get the chance to work on something together in the future. Turns out he kicked ass to get the bike done in time and finished with only hours to spare.

Hippo Killer

this last weekend was fun as hell. headed to Hemet on Friday night after work, and parked the trailer next to the Winchester Saloon, where we watched cowboy karaoke, played some pool, and drank with the locals. The show kicked off Sat morning, and the location slowly filled up with people, cars, and bikes. I have to say thanks to Kutty and Lisa Ballard and everyone else involved for putting in the effort. It was good to see so many friends in one place, and it seemed pretty drama battery died so I only caught a few pics....

Sunday, April 18


I had to make a run to Cerritos this morning and on my way back I spotted a little pho shop or Vietnamese cafe. I usually go for the vermicelli dishes which is a thin rice noodle. I got the vermicelli with pork, shrimp and an egg roll. Had some fresh squeezed lemonade too. Super good. I think it was called Pho 77. But I wasn't paying attention obviously.

Friday, April 16

Donkeys go best loaded

Unfortunately I wont be riding to the hoedown since I have all my vendor crap to haul with me. all packed up and ready to go. Heading down tonight after work. See ya there...

Thursday, April 15

hand painted roadster door

I painted this in '97. Bruce Meyer from the Petersen Automotive museum wanted to buy it, but it's not for sale....

Wednesday, April 14

Prototype bird deflector

I've been working on some new parts that will be for sale soon. This is the first prototype of my bird deflector that is for CV carbs, I will also be making a new lid for CV carbs to replace the crappy plastic one. This is just a rough or loose casting and the final product will be much cleaner. I'm super stoked, and can't wait to start getting this shit back from the foundry. I'm also doing cast versions of my points covers which will be available very soon. Hotrod parts on the way too...

Tuesday, April 13

Charn Thai

We're lucky to have one of the best Thai restaurants in So-Cal right around the corner from us. We almost always get chicken Panang, but last night we also had the spicy beef salad....

Choppa seat fo sale yo

this seat is bitchin, it came with a rolling chassis but I decided to run a shorter camel hump seat instead so this one is up for grabs. Email me at for more info

Saturday, April 10

Dr Deadly, the Victim, and the Kaiser Cruiser

sweet safari van

cruised to Bobs Big Boy last night and i usually am not into vee dubs, but this thing was crispy....

Wednesday, April 7

Jim Phillips is a ruler

I have the utmost respect for him as an artist and graphic designer, and I'm sure there are many of you who have owned decks designed by him, or used OJ wheels or slimeballs, or have been influenced in one way or another by his work. I borrowed these images from his website, go check him out at

Love Thy Neighbor...

T-shirts will be available at the Hippy Killer show, and then on our webstore. Buy one, buy twenty....

Tuesday, April 6

lowdown on the Hoedown...

be there, it will be fun, dont be a dork....

oh yeah, and Old Gold is sponsoring a trophy thats hand dont bring your hyundai, cause I dont know what that is...don't confuse me....