Sunday, October 24

Long beach swap finds

Scored some small shit. OG cast, iron cross mirror. Too bad iron crosses aren't cool anymore haha.

Saturday, October 23

Doobie doobie doo

Where are you?

The molester van is almost ready to go home to it's owner. Now powered by a 292 inline 6 and turbo 350.

Thursday, October 21

CV bird deflectors are coming!

this is the final version of the prototype. I know it looks like plastic, but it's actually completely made out of wood by my own hands, and then primered and painted so that it will pull easily from the molds. It took alot of hours to get it to this point, but will be totally worth it. I should have parts coming back from the foundry in about a week, and then machining and polishing. The CV top covers will also be in the same batch along with Ignition covers and some new goodies I've been working on. You will hopefully be as stoked as I am and spend all of your taco money on MC parts instead....thanks for being patient.

Wednesday, October 20

green spider

I never seen a spider like this around here....anyone? the green was even brighter in person...

Tuesday, October 19

Long sleeve Ironhead shirts

Will finally be on the webstore today! Only $25 plus S&H...

Monday, October 18

The weekend

Famoso dragstrip. Bakersfield.

Saturday, October 16

Old, not so gold garage.

My home garage. I barely have two wrenches to rub together there. Keeps my shit dry though...

Thursday, October 14

China Doll

Pooty Tang

we just buttoned up this neat little ironhead for my friend Grant. I made a custom Cobra King seat for it too. It's goin back to Rick Grindle who painted the frame and fender in the 70's or 80's to have the tank painted to match. The frame is a hardtailed K model, with a KR oil bag and '72 XLH motor.

Tuesday, October 12

The Bearded Hag. Kinda

Looks kinda different huh?

Casting couch

I'm doing a cast version of the famous Bullseye points covers. They look bitchin and more at home on vintage tin than the machined ones. They'll be ready to go in about a week!

Saturday, October 9

Hi Dean, Bye Dean

Hi Dean

Bye Dean

Stromberg parts and rebuild kits

Are in stock. Including new USA made brass floats, stainless banjo fittings, jet wrenches, and base gaskets. Email me with your needs. These aren't on the webstore.

Friday, October 8


Look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

Looptail kr style frame.

Thursday, October 7

Victory Panhead ad

One of my old ads from the tattoo shop. No, thats not Kat Von Disco....

Wednesday, October 6

New "FLY" mesh caps are here!

these came out bitchin, printed on solid black low rise mesh caps, in your choice of Hugger Orange, Mean Green, Crispy White, or Hot Ass Pink, HERE

Tuesday, October 5

CV carb topper

CV carbs have always worked great, but unfortunatley they look like hell from the factory. I'm working on a few pieces to solve that problem, along with the finned bird deflector you've seen, I'm now working on these smooth rounded cast carb toppers. It replaces the lame ass plastic caps from the factory. They will be available in brass and aluminum and we will be adding a finned version as well. They will be for sale within a week or two.

pictured here with a stock plastic cap

New Edition

no, not Bobby Browns awesome music machine, but a new solo version of the Cobra King seats for 82-03 Sportsters! it's available NOW on the webstore, along with the bitchin 2-up version. Go buy one! HERE

Monday, October 4

Saturday, October 2

Guitar Hero

you talkin to me? you must be talkin to me...I dont see anyone else here....
Too bad Andrew WK hasn't had a hit in a while, I think it's getting to him....

'Poon Tang

stole this pic off of the Chopped Out blog a while back. My friend Harpoon had this bitchin little T-bird when I first met him, and he kept doin shit to it. Eventually he joined my car club and this was from a photoshoot we did for Rod & Custom years ago. It's in front of what used to be PDQ Ford junkyard in Sun Valley.