Friday, July 31

Tiffany Collins

I stole this pic from Eric Corlay who shot the Sling for Kustom magazine a few issues ago. The feature was awesome, thanks Eric!

Wednesday, July 29

new Old Gold points covers

this is a shitty cell phone pic, but you get the point. Old Gold Garage "Bullseye" points cover. These will be available soon. Fits cone motors and sporties....may be doing a triumph one soon also...just test fit the first one on the Hag and it fits great.

random Euro stuff...

this last pic was taken with my iPhone with no photoshop or anything, I was trying to get the billboard in the lower right portion of the screen and this is what the camera took. I realized after I took the pic that I was standing in an old graveyard. Sounds stupid I know, but it was kinda trippy....

European Vacation-sans Chevy Chase

just got back, here are some pics in no particular order, it'll take me a few days to sort through everything but there will be more.....

Friday, July 10

Frank Frazetta

I have always dug on this guys work. I grew up seeing it or versions of it all over, chopper tanks, vans, comic books, album covers....check out this pic of Frank on what looks like a '48(?) Panhead, in what I'm guessing is Brooklin in the 50's. This might be my last post till I get back from Europe, if any of you see me in Paris or England come up and say hi.....otherwise i will be back soon.

Thursday, July 9


Harpoon's Panhead....

Vannin' 68

picked this gem up yesterday, yes those are daisy mags, no you can't have them......and I missed the Van Nuys cruise after all, but I will be there next time fo sho. Does this mean I have to wear chukkas and dolphin shorts?

Tuesday, July 7

Cruisin Van Nuys Bl.

Cruising is back on Van Nuys , tomorrow night, starting around 8pm....I'm gonna head down there and it made me think of this movie....see you there

my Pops' chopped F1 pickup

the motor just got blowed up, so getting ready to drop a new one in it. You might recognize it from the cover for the Hootenany compilation CD, sans flames.....


I love Bacon....

the shop

Monday, July 6

July 4th-Sinners party

pulled the Hag out and rode down to Westminster for the Sinners party, saw some friends, ate some pizza and watched some bands. fucking SU carb still running too rich, need to try thinner oil in it....

cool shit I saw...

went to drop a flathead off at my friend Alan's place last friday, and took some pics of his stash, I coulda stayed there all day if I didn't have stuff to do. There's way more cool stuff i didn't take pics of, but maybe later....

Saturday, July 4

Pancake Puppies

what the hell is a Pancake Puppy? you need to go to Denny's to find out......mmmm

Happy 4th of July!

in celebration of American ingenuity, here's what used to be a '54 Olds, turned into a motorhome back in the 50's, it's still sporting the rocket motor and hydro tranny. Bitchin....

Friday, July 3

Can't Stay Jose

and his shovel....I have no idea what the hell we're looking at. Photo by Zap Teshima, maybe '01 or so.....

Thursday, July 2

Robert Atkinson

Robert's an amazing tattoo artist, he does mostly large Japanese pieces, bodysuits, sleeves etc. He started working at Victory about a year ago, and I'm stoked to be able to work with him. He's also a new member of the Beatniks car club and has a few rides he's working on. On top of that he makes bitchin hand painted Vans. Check out more of his art, tattoos, and shoes at


Wednesday, July 1

Licorice Pizza/ Vinyl Fetish

this stuff shaped my fragile adolescent mind....

Rich Wilder

Richie's been helping me out around the shop for a few months now and workin on his own project in his spare time. Looks pretty good so far....