Wednesday, January 27

tasty dish

I swapped the stock tank on my evo sporty to a dished one I made for my wife's trump, I figured since her T100 wont be on the road anytime soon I may as well break the tank in and all! She wasn't thrilled...

I'm not sure if I love it or not, I kinda liked the stock tank, I guess I'll have to paint it and see if it grows on me...

Tuesday, January 26

Saturday Night's alright

tattooed this crazy shit, ate dinner with my wife at Reno's, went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for Spumoni and coffee, and then to Route 66 tavern for Rolling Rocks and DicE shindig, saw Scott Craig, Steve Buchannan, and a bunch of old friends I hadn't seen for years, didn't take too many pics, imagine a bar with some people inside was fun.

Monday, January 25

the Haitian Princess

this picture just came up on the HAMB, it's my old '60 Olds Dynamic 88 on hydros, chopped, buick grille, I kinda wish I hadn't sold it, but you can't keep everything.....right?

chopped and lots of mods done by Kevan and Anthony from the Shifters in the early 90's, I found it in Hawaiian Gardens rotting away and neglected, fixed it, painted it, had my friend Miguel put hydros on it, and did a few other things and drove the shit out of it...I did it white with Cragars first, this shot was from Rod & Custom and then painted it metallic green with copper steelies and some rare fake spider caps that were in the trunk when I bought it. I'll post more pics of it when I have a chance to look for them

Saturday, January 23

Blow in Her Face...

haha, I wonder how many guys saw this ad and tried'd that work out for ya pal?

Friday, January 22

Janne Kutja

Janne is a super talented artist/designer from Finland. He's working on a rendering of the '40 Ford coupe I'm building, but I always loved this version of a '41 Buick sedanette, I guess I'm partial to those though....

Thursday, January 21

Josh Kurpius vs Old Gold Garage

Josh was here last month and took a bunch o pics, he just posted some on Kemosabe and the Lodge which is where I yanked these from...enjoy

Wednesday, January 20

Willy Nelson is a pussy

I stole this image from the interweblogospheratorium.

Tuesday, January 19

Powerglide Magazine

I guess the new issue with my article, is now for sale, go buy a copy!

Monday, January 18

it's so easy...

super bad but awesome, dino poop, giant lizards, hot cave chicks and Ringo Starr. what more could you ask for?

Saturday, January 16

Pedestrian Killers

found this pic on the web the other day. It's a plaque from the club I started in the 90's, got tired of chasing after stolen plaques, people ripping off our logo for band art, T-shirts etc. Lots of coffin shaped club plaques these days, I guess thats pretty cool. Good memories.

Friday, January 15

Throw Rag

if you've never heard these guys, or seen them live, check it out...

Thursday, January 14

el switcheroo

just moved the '32 over onto it's new chassis, what a pain in the ass....but it looks good, so far....

Wednesday, January 13

Fueled art show

after the GNRS, sat the 30th

292 Chevy inline

gettin ready to drop this 292 truck motor into a '68 Chevy van for a customer. with a TH350 behind it, should pull tree stumps. it's replacing a little 194 L6 motor and a 3 on the tree....

Saturday, January 9

Bottrop 2010

I just finished the poster art for the Bottrop car show in Germany...

Friday, January 8

Hobo Ranfla

the wheels on the truck go up and down....

Wednesday, January 6

Groucho's Performance

just had another motor, a 283 Chevy, rebuilt by John Randazzo, AKA Groucho, for the chopped '40 coupe I'm building.

Monday, January 4

Vans crazy

so there's a big outlet center where I live in Camarillo and there's a Vans outlet in there. I needed some new sneeks, so I go in there and they're havin a sale on top of the already discounted prices. Ended up buying 4 pairs of high tops for about $80. 3 for me, one for the ol lady....I even got a pair of Slayer hightops for special occasions, weddings, barmitzvahs, quinceaneras...

Saturday, January 2

new moto in the garage

ended up scoring on this '80 XR500 thumper. Complete with 23" front rim, which I'm not gonna run, but it's tagged and plated for street use, rad.