Tuesday, June 2

Gravity and other myths...

I turned 40 last October. To some of you that makes me pretty fuckin old, to some, pretty fuckin young. I didn't tell anyone or celebrate, because I felt it. I considered 40 to be old as shit. My backs fucked, my leg still hurts from my accident last year, I can't party like I used to... As the months pass by I'm getting settled into a different life in a new town with some old friends and some new ones, writing off other so called friends, and embracing it all. I'm privileged to live in a time and place where I can be creative and make a living that way. There are no civil wars or widespread famine, no pestilence or plagues. It's easy to get wrapped up in the day to day bullshit and forget how good we all have it. On my most stressful days I'm trying to give myself at least five minutes to goof off even if it seems impossible. It makes it all easier. The hardest part for me is not feeling guilty or letting other people make me feel guilty about it. Blaze your own trails and fuck everyone who isn't there for you at the finish line. I've only got one time around this rock and I wanna make it count. 

Sunday, May 31

Kustom Kulture Forever

Next weekend in Germany.... See you there!

Sunday, April 26

Bouncing on the edge of obscurity

I haven't posted on here in a minute. Seems like Instagram took the fire out of the blogosphere. Im gonna get back to posting on here more often. I feel like it's a better way to connect and not just fish for compliments or whatever. The last year has been insane. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had a crazy year, it actually seems like I'm in pretty good company. During my divorce which was finalized in October, something I didn't talk about much, I decided to make some changes... I bought some land out of the city and I'll be building my own shop and spending more time building bikes and cars for myself. Stuff I hope you guys will be stoked about, but at the same time I'm not trying to win a popularity contest and at the end of the day all that matters is that I dig what I'm building. The seats are still my main bread and butter and I'll be coming out with new designs in the near future as well as offering custom seats to builders. Thanks to everyone who has supported my little company since day one. Instead of turning my company into a massive brand that sponsors every bike show and making crappy TV shows that kill your brain cells I've decided to make a quality product on a small scale and try to have a life that I can feel like I didn't compromise. I plan on traveling more this year, spending more time with my family and friends and hopefully getting to finish some of the projects I started, some of them years ago. Xoxo

Wednesday, September 3

Wednesday, May 7

New Ts!!

New Cobra King shirts are finally up in the webstore. 100% cotton Ts with a hand pulled fade from gold to red. Printed neck tags. Go to http://oldgoldgarageco.bigcartel.com

Wednesday, February 5

New! Drag King seats are here!!!

Available for swingarm shovelheads and rigid frames. Sportster version on the way. 


Friday, January 3

Blood Ties

The Clive Owen film "Blood Ties" that used three of my Old Gold Garage "Daytona" helmets during shooting for a scene on a vintage triumph is slated for US release in March. It takes place in New York during the 70s and has an amazing cast. Looking forward to checking this one out. 

Monday, September 9

Slashed prices on Sportster and Swingarm Cobra King seats!

If you've been wanting to grab a Cobra King for your bike, but the price has kept you from making that happen, there's never been a better time to grab one than now. Don't settle for ugly, cheap imitations. The Old Gold Cobra King seats have set a new industry standard. Hand Made in the USA, steel seat pans, and quality materials. Now we have reduced the price on them, so theres no reason not to have the best seat on the market on your bike. While everyone else is raising prices, we're busting our ass to lower them. Not only that but from now on you can have your seat made in leather, 100% top grain cowhide for only $60 more.
Thanks for your support over the years
Dan Collins

Cobra King Sportster Two Up seat, Was $295 Now $275!

Cobra King Sportster Solo Seat, Was $275 Now $255!

Cobra King Shovelhead/Swingarm Seat, Was $365 Now $335!

New Snake Charmer seats for rigid frames are HERE!!!

The New addition to the Cobra King seat lineup is here. The Snake Charmer. Made by hand here in Ventura Ca. As usual the seat pans are 100% heavy gauge steel, no fiberglass or plastic to break. Three flush welded nuts in the pan give you plenty of options for mounting solid to your frame or using a hinged front mount. You have a choice of narrow (4") or wide (5") rear passenger section. Also, for the first time you have your choice of vinyl, or for a mere $60 extra we can wrap your seat in top grain cowhide. Go get yours HERE

Wednesday, July 24

Michael Lichter's Ton Up bike show in Sturgis

I got an email from Michael asking if I had any cafe racer related artwork for an upcoming show. I had done a few pieces that would have worked years ago but they had all been sold back then. I had an idea for a piece though so I told him I'd do my best to get it done and framed in time for the pickup. I was pretty honored to be included in his show. Some of my close friends have bikes on display like Shinya Kimura, Kim Boyle, and Brawny. If you make it to Sturgis it's worth checking out for sure. 

My painting "Diavolo" will be for sale after the show. 

Friday, July 19

Ventura Nationals hand made trophies

There are hand painted moon discs for the hot rods and customs and best chopper class. For the bike show I wanted to do something special so I hit up some people and we have custom made trophies being done by some great builders

Best Sportster-Andy Carter/Pangea Speed
Best Shovel-Dalton Walker/Split Image Kustoms
Best Pan-The Harpoon
Best Knuckle-Michael Barrigan/Evil Spirit
Best Japanese-Arie Van Schyndel/JDA
Best British-Wes White/Four Aces Cycle
Best Cafe-James Kaye/Detroit Brothers
Best Antique-Caleb Owens/Cro Customs

Special prize from Roland Sands RSD for the RSD pick and more to come. 

There will also be giveaways from DicE magazine and others. Stay tuned...

Thursday, July 18

2013 Ventura Nationals welcomes bikes and vans this year

New ownership of the show is bringing some long overdue changes. Custom vans and vintage lowriders are now welcome. Also the bike part of the show that all but died off is coming back in a big way. This year Old Gold is sponsoring and organizing the motorcycle show within the Nats. There are custom trophies being made by seriously talented builders and fabricators, giveaways, special guests, vendors, and a motorcycle corral outside the show for non show bikes. The focus of the bike show is pre Evo  American choppers and vintage tin, Brit bikes, Japanese choppers, cafe bikes etc. Baggers and billet barges will be allowed to park in the bike corral but not inside the show. This is the first year the show is open to Japanese brands. Evo sportsters and big twins that are customized and fit the show vibe will be allowed in at the discretion of the show employees. The entry is $15 for the bike and rider to participate in the show. There will be live music, food, artists, pinstripers etc. right accross from the beach at the Ventura County Fairgrounds which is the same location as the David Mann Chopperfest. Saturday August 31st. For info on being a vendor go to venturanationals.com 

Tuesday, July 16

Head North

 That was my only plan. Solo. Inspiring, recharging my batteries and getting to see parts of the coast I haven't seen in years, if ever. Ran into Ryan and a handful of other familiar faces at Digger Darren's in Oakland. Max lead the way for a beautiful night ride from Oakland to the city over the bay bridge. The next day I headed west and north. Sheared all of the rivets on my rear sprocket and Max and his friends grabbed a spare drum in Oakland and saved the day. Drinking root beer floats and fixing broken knuckleheads. Spent some time on highway 1, drank with the locals, and slept under the stars. Made some repairs to the bike, killed some time in Inverness, and headed home the long way. 

Tuesday, July 9

Time isn't on my side

Time to get this tank finished for the panhead. Way too many distractions lately. 

Coming soon!

Old Gold Garage "Apache" pullback drag bars. Seriously aggressive styling with ergonomics comfortable enough for the long haul. Perfect for your Dyna, Sportster, FXR, or any street machine. These will be available in raw, black powder coat, stainless, and chrome. 

Saturday, July 6

Good one

IHad a great 4th this year. I will never take the things we have in this country for granted. It's not perfect by any means but it's still a great country and we have it better than so many others.