Friday, July 19

Ventura Nationals hand made trophies

There are hand painted moon discs for the hot rods and customs and best chopper class. For the bike show I wanted to do something special so I hit up some people and we have custom made trophies being done by some great builders

Best Sportster-Andy Carter/Pangea Speed
Best Shovel-Dalton Walker/Split Image Kustoms
Best Pan-The Harpoon
Best Knuckle-Michael Barrigan/Evil Spirit
Best Japanese-Arie Van Schyndel/JDA
Best British-Wes White/Four Aces Cycle
Best Cafe-James Kaye/Detroit Brothers
Best Antique-Caleb Owens/Cro Customs

Special prize from Roland Sands RSD for the RSD pick and more to come. 

There will also be giveaways from DicE magazine and others. Stay tuned...

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