Monday, January 25

the Haitian Princess

this picture just came up on the HAMB, it's my old '60 Olds Dynamic 88 on hydros, chopped, buick grille, I kinda wish I hadn't sold it, but you can't keep everything.....right?

chopped and lots of mods done by Kevan and Anthony from the Shifters in the early 90's, I found it in Hawaiian Gardens rotting away and neglected, fixed it, painted it, had my friend Miguel put hydros on it, and did a few other things and drove the shit out of it...I did it white with Cragars first, this shot was from Rod & Custom and then painted it metallic green with copper steelies and some rare fake spider caps that were in the trunk when I bought it. I'll post more pics of it when I have a chance to look for them

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matt machine said...

dan that is one hot car....i wish i had bought it from you.